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Take a bite out of new markets with cutting-edge data

Is your company interested in breaking into the foodservice market but not sure where to start?

We live in an exciting time. The digital age has made it easier than ever for businesses to understand the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. Armed with this knowledge, they can connect more meaningfully with foodservice establishments and build mutually beneficial partnerships.

Brizo FoodMetrics is a market intelligence platform leading the way in foodservice data innovation. With 1.9M+ establishments (and growing), there’s never been a better way to expand your business and refine your prospecting process.

You don’t have to sell food to benefit from foodservice insights. As you’ll discover in this article, Brizo’s rich market intelligence is advantageous to a wide range of industries. From light fixtures to decorative candles, if you want to expand your business into the foodservice market, read on to discover the secret sauce for developing your sales and marketing strategy.

Finding your place in the market

Entering a new market can be daunting for any business, but Brizo’s user-friendly platform makes understanding the foodservice landscape as easy and painless as possible.

For instance, using Brizo’s detailed location filters, you can analyze potential partners at a local, regional, or national scale. Small businesses can search by ZIP code or city to see a list of establishments within driving distance of their office, while larger companies can explore their total addressable market by metro area or state.

With interactive map and dashboard views built into the platform, you can quickly visualize and interpret your search results, no matter your prior experience working with data. It’s these kinds of clear, data-driven insights that are key to a successful expansion strategy.

More than just menus and maps

Brizo’s market intelligence extends far beyond geographic data. We also track menu data–right down to the dish and ingredient level. Menu data not relevant to your business? No problem! Hundreds of other data points can be leveraged to find the right establishments for your next sales campaign.

For starters, the Ambiance filters in Brizo are a useful way to gauge establishments from afar. There’s a very different atmosphere in a sports bar than a family-friendly restaurant. Similarly, a quiet, cozy restaurant can look a lot different from one that specializes in serving tourists.

By the same token, Brizo’s Amenities filters can be just as insightful. Looking for locations with outdoor seating? Ones that offer digital payments, QR codes, or even take cryptocurrency? How about places that only use eco-friendly tableware? Add as many filters as you want to really drill down into your target customer profile.

You may also wish to prioritize restaurants with a strong online presence and reputation. If that’s the case, Brizo offers a range of Web Footprint filters to segment prospects based on reviews, ratings, awards, and social media (to name just a few). If you’re interested in understanding technology usage, Brizo also tracks over 500 in-use restaurant technologies, from delivery marketplaces to loyalty programs.

Brizo has filters for all of this granular data, and a whole lot more.

Cross-industry considerations

With a deeper understanding of the variety of filters at your disposal, let’s discuss some of the different industries that could utilize this information in their sales strategies.

Furniture companies are a great example: every restaurant needs tables and chairs. Their style will depend largely on the ambiance and aesthetics of the establishment, which Brizo can help you pinpoint. Meanwhile, the outdoor seating filter is key to identifying locations requiring patio furniture to service their summer crowd.

A similar use case applies to businesses selling art and other decor. Sports bars need sports memorabilia. Trendy, upscale restaurants might place more value on unique pieces from local artists. Family-friendly restaurants look for decorative elements that are bright, fun, and, in many cases, handmade in order to offer guests a warm, homely environment

Even digital payment companies could benefit from strategic segmentation of potential restaurant partners. A trendy restaurant already using modern restaurant technologies is more likely to appreciate the newest gadgets and convenience features for their clientele, whereas a dive bar with a preference for cash transactions would require different sales messaging.

The applications of Brizo’s market insights are only limited by how far you can stretch your imagination.

Putting theory into practice

Now let’s explore a practical example so you can see exactly how Brizo’s incredible filters and data make it easy to pinpoint valuable prospects – in a fraction of the time taken by old-school research and cold-calling methods.

Let’s say that you’re a supplier dealing in industrial cleaning products. There are many common industries these suppliers may already sell to (i.e., manufacturing plants, shipping and distribution centers, retail and shopping malls, hospitals and doctor’s offices, etc.). However, restaurants need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly too.

For this example, let’s imagine you’re based in Tampa Bay, Florida. To zoom in on local opportunities with Brizo, we can start by applying a filter for the “Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater” metro area.

Filter applied: Metro Area = Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater | 14,759 results

Brizo’s chain size filters help differentiate between small independents and larger chains. You decide to restrict your search to businesses with 5 or more locations, since individual locations will only use so many supplies, and you’re able to offer bulk discounts on higher volume sales.

Filter applied: Nationwide Locations = 5 or more | 5,052 results

To maximize their effectiveness, you decide to create separate sales and marketing campaigns for different business types. After all, the more personalized the sales proposal, the more your prospects will feel like you did research on and care about their business.

The dashboard view in Brizo offers a large array of dynamic charts to make visualizing data easy. Since the charts are interactive, you can select any category–let’s say Ice Cream Shops–to further narrow your search results.

Filter applied: Business Type = Ice Cream Shop | 235 results

With just a few clicks, you have generated a list of 235 total establishments across 38 unique chains, along with their 523 unique contacts. Knowing that all of these establishments are ice cream shops located in the Tampa area, you can reach out with a hyper-specific proposal and wow them with your products.

Take a bigger piece of the pie with Brizo FoodMetrics

Are you ready to take the foodservice industry by storm? Brizo FoodMetrics is empowering businesses like yours to break into the market in a way that’s easier and faster than ever before.

Join companies already saving up to 75% of their prospecting time by leveraging Brizo’s market intelligence platform. Its powerful filters and dashboards offer data-driven insights to drive your strategy forward. And best of all, monthly database updates mean you never have to worry about dealing with stale, out-of-date data.

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