Embrace a data-driven approach to restaurant tech sales

The restaurant technology industry is booming, which also means fierce competition and rapid evolution.

To stay ahead, top innovators need more than just intuition and experimentation. With Brizo, take an insight-led strategy to help steer decisions, streamline resources, and outpace the competition.

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Reveal the restaurant technology landscape

We track establishment adoption of 500+ restaurant technologies, from ordering systems to loyalty programs.

Transform your strategic processes with the ability to see current tech adoption by establishment, for a specific region, or by your own custom search criteria.

  • Pinpoint ideal prospects by their current technology use (or lack thereof)
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and see how you stack up
  • Identify new integration partners or expansion markets
  • Having Brizo’s added layers of intelligence gives us so much more clarity on our markets and partners — not only so we can be precise in our inbound partnership leads but also so we can think more holistically about how and where to grow. It’s a huge enabler for our team.


    EZ Cater Representative

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Get the answers you need to make fast, accurate decisions

With so much opportunity for innovation, it can be difficult to determine the optimal path forward.

Erase those doubts with a clear view of the market. Armed with the most comprehensive market coverage available, you can efficiently allocate your resources and feel confident in your expansion strategy.

  • Access unmatched foodservice market insights
    Quickly analyze 1.9M+ food & beverage establishments with Brizo’s powerful market intelligence platform

  • Leverage the latest market data
    Adapt swiftly to market changes with weekly data updates and a full refresh every 30 days

  • Uncover in-use technologies
    See your competitors’ market share, target prospects according to current tech savviness, and identify new growth opportunities

  • Target with unmatched precision
    Develop focused campaigns using hundreds of filters, from social media presence and reviews to establishment density and cuisine type

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