Harnessing the Power of Granular Foodservice Data to Transform Strategic Decision-Making

Harnessing the Power of Granular Foodservice Data to Transform Strategic Decision-Making - Brizo FoodMetrics

A Guide to Identifying Vital Metrics Through Brizo FoodMetrics

How are you currently sourcing your foodservice market data? Do you rely on costly consulting agencies for market intelligence? Is your team investing significant resources in lead generation, only to end up with mediocre leads?

The days of sifting through online menus, cold-calling potential prospects, or manually searching Google Maps for restaurants—with little to no payoff—are over, thanks to Brizo.

How can one platform revolutionize the approach for diverse foodservice professionals? Two words: granular data.

If you’re puzzled, you’re not alone. Many are unaware of what granular data is, or its transformative impact on targeting the right chains and operator within the dynamic the foodservice market. Before we delve into how Brizo can extract in-depth, precision menu data from over 2.5 BILLION items, let’s unpack what granular data is and how it can elevate your foodservice industry analysis.

What is Granular Data?

To grasp the concept of granular data, it’s essential first to understand another term—data granularity.

Data granularity refers to the level of detail captured in a data structure. This concept varies across industries, but let’s focus on what it means for the foodservice sector.

In the context of foodservice establishments, data granularity is often closely tied to menu items and business operations. At a basic level, you might find granular data by browsing a restaurant’s website, where they usually list their menu. However, that’s just scratching the surface. Some menus may also provide a rudimentary description of each item’s ingredients. But if you’re in the business of restaurant technology or supply, more than this level of data might be required.

To access the precision data that truly matters to foodservice vendors, distributors, and manufacturers—and that can efficiently identify new prospects—you need a platform like Brizo FoodMetrics.

Leveraging Restaurant Business Data Effectively

Brizo offers an array of robust filters, enabling you to segment prospects based on nuanced menu data and more. But the data you can access goes beyond just what’s on the menu. For example, if you’re a manufacturer specializing in high-quality foodservice patio equipment, Brizo’s platform can swiftly identify local restaurants with outdoor patios. This way, you can target higher-quality leads in a fraction of the time.

Utilizing Granular Data in Foodservice

It can be a challenge to identify establishments that prioritize ‘organic’ ingredients using traditional methods. Brizo simplifies this by filtering restaurants based on dietary preferences like organic, vegan, or farm-to-table.

Brizo’s capabilities extend to atmospherics, amenities, dietary styles, and even chain size. If it’s a facet of foodservice data granularity, Brizo likely has a filter for it.

How Brizo Enables Foodservice Industry Analysis?

The short answer is technology. Old-school methods no longer suffice.

Brizo employs cutting-edge data analytics and regularly updated market data to provide you with actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Using Brizo to Target Independent Operators in Foodservice

We were just discussing organic ingredients in menus, so let’s use that as our first practical example. Let’s say that you’re an organic produce farmer that’s got a farm in California, servicing areas like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

In this scenario, you’ll want access to in-depth data precision, which will give you the power to target local venues that specialize or promote themselves as ‘organic’ restaurants, or using only organic ingredients. Brizo makes this a breeze, and in seconds, you can see that there are 1,607 potential prospects in your area that you could approach.

Let’s say that you’re a food manufacturer or distributor that deals in various styles of beef in Washington. Specifically, your business specializes in certain cuts of meat like tenderloin, top sirloin, and brisket.

Thankfully, Brizo can not only identify foodservice establishments by their ingredients, but through cuts of meat as well. So, if you’re only looking for venues that serve those three cuts of beef in the Washington, Arlington, and Alexandria areas, Brizo can quickly help you identify the 2,174 restaurants near you that you should consider approaching. 

These are just two of the hundreds of ways that Brizo’s granular data allows you to make better, more strategic decisions in how you target potential foodservice establishments in the U.S. and Canada.

Bbot’s Success Story

Bbot, a Brizo client, has leveraged Brizo’s granular data to refine their email campaigns and outbound calling strategies, resulting in more targeted and effective outreach.

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