2024 Brizo Restaurant Tech Map

The role of technology continues to expand across everyday life and operations. The foodservice industry is no exception.

The 2024 Brizo Restaurant Tech Map highlights this year’s top innovators in foodservice technology.

Stay up-to-date with our annual guide, powered by insights from Brizo FoodMetrics. Download the full map for a comprehensive overview, then go deeper by exploring Brizo’s market intelligence and unlocking detailed technographic data across the foodservice industry.

Strategic insights for informed decisions

As the leading market intelligence platform for foodservice vendors and suppliers, Brizo FoodMetrics tracks the digital footprint of the foodservice industry, including 1.1K+ in-use technologies across 2.1M+ establishment profiles.

Brizo’s rich technographic data covers everything from delivery marketplaces to reservation platforms to POS systems. From chains to independents, Brizo offers unmatched visibility into the entire foodservice industry, enabling businesses to:

  • Calculate their total addressable market
  • Review the competitive landscape
  • Sell more efficiently and effectively
  • Adapt swiftly to market changes

Learn how your restaurant tech business can leverage Brizo FoodMetrics.

Tech trends to watch in 2024

In a fast-moving industry, these are some of the key areas shaping the 2024 restaurant technology narrative.

  • Digital Kiosks: As labor costs rise, the foodservice industry has hit an inflection point with kiosk adoption. In-store ordering via digital kiosks has exploded thanks to advances in consumer usage, UI design, and hardware development. Kiosks have become especially prominent across QSRs: Shake Shack now attributes over half of its in-store orders to kiosks.
  • AI Advancements: More than just a buzzword, AI is quickly permeating all segments of restaurant technology. Voice AI is one of the fastest-growing tools for optimizing restaurant operations, with practical applications ranging from drive-thrus to employee training.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Having made big headlines in early 2024, dynamic pricing is a hot topic. With the right execution, says startup JUICER, dynamic pricing has the potential to benefit operators and customers alike with “data-driven happy hours.”
  • Flying Food: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…food delivery drone? That’s right: in addition to the hospitality robots already supporting staff on the restaurant floor, some brands are now testing robotics off the premises, from autonomous vehicles to delivery drones.
  • Delivery Partnerships: Previous years saw significant consolidation of delivery marketplaces. In 2024, we’re witnessing unprecedented partnerships between the industry’s largest players, from Uber Eats and InstaCart to GrubHub and Amazon. Who will announce the next big collaboration?

Download the full Map

The 2024 Brizo Restaurant Tech Map brings together our extensive market research and technologies already tracked by Brizo FoodMetrics. It provides a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) overview of today’s leading restaurant technology innovators.

We approached this exercise by:

  1. Identifying companies serving US & Canadian foodservice markets
  2. Capturing companies ranked and mentioned online
  3. Analyzing in-use technologies via Brizo FoodMetrics
  4. Categorizing companies by their core offerings

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Dive in and explore our 10 tech segments!

Point of Sale Systems expand/collapse icon

POS solutions are the high-tech heart of restaurants, streamlining transactions, managing orders, and integrating seamlessly with core systems. These platforms ensure secure, fast payment processing, enhancing customer experience and providing vital business insights.

By bridging front and back-of-house operations, POS systems offer comprehensive control over inventory, sales analytics, and customer data, driving efficiency and informed decision-making for restaurant operators.

Ordering Systems expand/collapse icon

Ordering systems revolutionize customer interactions by offering multiple convenient platforms, from online and phone ordering to kiosks, drive-thrus, voice commands, and tableside ordering.

These integrated solutions enhance the dining experience, streamline service, and boost operational efficiency. Whether customers are at home, on the go, or dining in, these systems ensure a seamless and efficient ordering process, meeting diverse needs and preferences.


Delivery, Pickup & Catering expand/collapse icon

Delivery, Pickup & Catering systems are essential for modern foodservice operations, offering a seamless blend of solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Third-party delivery services extend reach and convenience.
  • Catering solutions efficiently manage large-scale orders for events.
  • Online marketplaces allow customers to easily discover and order from various restaurants.
  • Pickup and curbside options provide quick, contactless service, enhanced by smart lockers for secure order retrieval.
  • Ordering integrators streamline operations by consolidating orders from multiple platforms.
  • Logistics and transport solutions ensure timely delivery.
  • Fleet management tools optimize delivery routes and vehicle usage, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

HR & Staffing expand/collapse icon

HR & Staffing solutions are vital for maintaining a well-organized and efficient workforce in the foodservice industry.

  • Labor management and scheduling tools streamline staff allocation, ensuring optimal coverage and compliance with labor laws.
  • Recruiting and applicant tracking systems simplify the hiring process, from posting job openings to onboarding new employees, helping restaurants attract and retain top talent.

These integrated solutions enhance workforce management, improve operational efficiency, and support a positive workplace culture.

Marketing & Loyalty expand/collapse icon

Marketing & Loyalty solutions are essential for building strong customer relationships and driving business growth in the foodservice industry.

  • Comprehensive marketing tools, along with website and social media management, ensure a cohesive online presence.
  • CRM systems help manage customer interactions and data.
  • Advertising and promotional tools boost brand visibility.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs, along with gift cards, foster repeat business and customer engagement.
  • E-commerce platforms facilitate online sales, supported by content management systems for seamless updates.
  • Search and discovery tools, including maps, enhance visibility and accessibility, ensuring customers can easily find and connect with your restaurant.

Management & Operations expand/collapse icon

Management & Operations solutions are crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient restaurant operations.

  • Comprehensive operations software integrates various functions, supported by robust reporting and analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Inventory and stock management systems help maintain optimal supply levels.
  • Accounting and purchasing tools streamline financial processes.
  • Audit management ensures compliance and accuracy.
  • Tips management simplifies gratuity distribution.
  • Tax compliance tools assist in adhering to regulations.
  • Procurement systems optimize the sourcing of goods.
  • Property management systems oversee facility operations, ensuring everything runs seamlessly.

These integrated solutions enhance operational efficiency, financial accuracy, and overall business performance.


Customer Experience expand/collapse icon

Customer Experience solutions are designed to enhance the interaction between restaurants and their patrons, fostering deeper engagement and satisfaction.

  • Customer engagement tools create personalized and meaningful interactions.
  • Feedback systems capture valuable insights directly from guests.
  • Experience management solutions oversee and optimize every touchpoint of the customer journey, ensuring a consistently positive experience.
  • Surveys provide actionable data to understand customer preferences and areas for improvement, driving continuous enhancement of service quality and customer loyalty.

These integrated solutions ensure that restaurants can effectively connect with their customers, addressing needs and exceeding expectations.


Kitchen Tech expand/collapse icon

Kitchen Technologies are revolutionizing the heart of restaurant operations, enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

  • Kitchen display systems (KDS) streamline order management.
  • Food safety and expiration solutions ensure compliance and reduce health risks.
  • Food waste management tools help minimize waste and maximize profitability
  • Smart kitchens leverage advanced technology for optimal performance.
  • Energy efficiency solutions and temperature monitoring systems maintain optimal conditions, supporting sustainability initiatives.
  • AI and robotics enhance precision and automation.
  • Cameras and quality control systems ensure high standards are met.
  • Sensors provide real-time data for proactive management, making kitchens smarter and more efficient.


Virtual Brands expand/collapse icon

Virtual Brands are reshaping the foodservice landscape by leveraging innovative concepts like ghost kitchens and virtual brands.

  • Ghost kitchens operate without a traditional dine-in space, focusing solely on delivery and takeout, which optimizes operational efficiency and reduces overhead costs.
  • Virtual brands are digital-first concepts that exist primarily online, allowing restaurants to diversify their offerings and reach new customer segments without additional physical locations.

These dynamic models provide flexibility, scalability, and the opportunity to quickly adapt to market trends, driving growth in the ever-evolving foodservice industry.


Reservation & Waitlist expand/collapse icon

Reservation & Waitlist solutions are essential for managing customer flow and enhancing dining experiences.

  • Reservation systems streamline the booking process, ensuring guests secure their preferred dining times effortlessly.
  • Waitlist management tools reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction by efficiently managing table availability.
  • Event management solutions help organize and coordinate special occasions.
  • Location data and maps ensure guests can easily find and navigate to the restaurant.

These integrated systems enhance operational efficiency, optimize table turnover, and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests.


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