Enhance your data to get more comprehensive market insights

Make better business decisions with our enriched foodservice market data

Inaccurate, missing and outdated foodservice market data creates a bottleneck for organizations when it comes to understanding their total addressable markets. Our foodservice market insight and analytics platform help fill in gaps with your CRM and ensure it’s fresh, accurate and verified.

fresh and comprehensive foodservice market data

Foodservice market data you can rely on

Our data is updated every 30 days for guaranteed freshness. What’s more, we verify our data for proven deliverability. Easily upload our data to your CRM to ensure you’re always working with the latest market intelligence.

Enhance your existing database

Fill in the blanks for incomplete datasets

Only have the first name, last name and an email address for your contacts? No sweat - we can help fill in the rest. Use our platform to augment and enhance your existing database to plug any gaps and missing foodservice establishment data points and attributes.

Applying data modeling and Using the power of AI

Applying data modeling and the power of AI to standardize insights

Data structuring is critical when it comes to analyzing data. Unfortunately, a lot of data is disorganized, unstructured, and improperly formatted. Using AI-powered algorithms and data modelling, our data scientists work to normalize and standardize all our data to ensure it’s in a reliable and consistent format, making it easy to draw accurate insights.

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  • Integrate our data with Salesforce and other CRMs

    If you live in Salesforce, you know how important it is to have reliable, high-quality reports. Our platform integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs to pull our fresh and verified data into your system, ensuring you have comprehensive intelligence to inform your sales and marketing reports.

  • An analytics platform that offers more than just data

    You can buy a generic data list from anywhere. With our online platform, you’ll benefit from real-time insight-backed data that harnesses the combined power of artificial intelligence, data science, and big data analytics. Our platform enhances your database to make it work harder and drive better results for your business.

  • I like the cleanliness and consistency of Brizo’s data. It saves time. Other providers’ data really falls off when it comes to the hospitality industry. We’ve built automations that help process specifically Brizo lists — and the Brizo lists get into Salesforce a lot faster.


    Chris Pope Director
    Revenue Operations Bbot (a DoorDash company)

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