List Enricher

Seamlessly import your existing data & enrich it with foodservice market intelligence that goes beyond just contact information

Search & Enrich Three Ways

Once imported, your list of establishments acts as a custom filter for your next Brizo search.

Use Cases

How will your team take advantage of Brizo’s List Enricher? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Lead Prequalification

    Reduce prospecting time & resources by importing your inbound leads to quickly enrich, qualify & prioritize them

  • ICP Identification

    First, define your ideal customer profile (ICP) by identifying common attributes of your high-performing clients with Brizo dashboards; then, find & target similar prospects using matching filters

  • Prospect Discovery

    Learn more about event attendees, webinar registrants & campaign participants to inform your sales & marketing strategies

  • CRM Cleanup

    Keep your CRM data clean & up-to-date by gaining visibility into the latest establishment openings, closures & contacts

How It Works

All you need is a list of establishments & their addresses. How you enrich them is up to you!



Import a .csv file of establishments to be automatically matched to Brizo’s database (based on establishment name & address)



Leverage your imported establishment list as a launch pad to search & enrich your existing data using Brizo’s granular filters and comprehensive market intelligence (Search WITH, WITHIN, or WITHOUT)



Export your updated list or expanded search results, now boosted with additional data points from Brizo & ready to be reuploaded into your CRM



Brizo will automatically detect and flag future data updates to your previously imported establishments, ensuring you can keep your CRM clean & your team working from the freshest insights

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