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The sun is shining. There’s a gentle breeze in the air, but hardly a cloud in the sky. These days are the ones that most people treasure the most during the summer; especially when it means they can escape to their favorite local foodservice location to soak up some rays, while they enjoy a good meal.

If you’re a vendor or supplier who has products best suited to the warmer months of the year, you may not know how to narrow down your search for the restaurants that are most likely to want what you’ve got to offer.

Thankfully, with market intelligence on over 1.4 million foodservice establishments across the U.S. and Canada, Brizo FoodMetrics has all the tools to help you pinpoint the perfect summer restaurant prospects.

But do you fall into the ‘summer offerings’ model of supplier? Let’s discuss it.

What do we mean by ‘summer offerings?’

We may not always think about it, but there are certain types of foods, drinks, and ingredients that tend to go hand-in-hand with certain seasons of the year.

The winter holidays are often synonymous with ingredients like peppermint and ginger. By the same token, there are a wide range of summer-friendly ingredients that could be considered popular with outdoor patio restaurants.

Citrus and tropical fruits for example are often very popular ingredients in both summer cocktails, as well as desserts.

Not to mention, the fruit that we often only see during the summer (i.e., watermelon, peaches, etc.), are other great examples of popular additions to the menus at summer restaurants. There’s just something sweeter about naturally grown produce, and imported options typically have a much shorter shelf life.

Why are seasonal products important?

The most successful restaurants are the ones that cater to the seasonal demands of their clientele. This means being mindful of the changing seasons, and how consumers’ tastes change with them.

During the summer, many establishments will adjust their menus, so that they can specifically cater to the summer crowd. This means they need to find high-quality, fresh ingredients to build out these menus.

Outdoor patio restaurants may want to run special events in their outside areas (i.e., pig roasts, BBQ dinners, smoked meat, etc.), which will also require them to source butchers that can provide these special proteins, which they may not carry through the remainder of the year.

Most importantly, foodservice establishments that choose to evolve with the seasons tend to be more intune with their customers’ beliefs. In turn, this helps them build stronger, more long-lasting customer relationships.

Take the ‘farm-to-table’ movement, for example. It promotes supporting local, eating healthier, and in many cases, has become synonymous with top-quality food. These types of summer restaurants are perfect for you to approach, particularly if you’re very local to them.

The challenge of facing the market alone

It’s important that we take the time to note some of the challenges that go along with providing many of these seasonal items. Namely, identifying the right foodservice establishments to promote your products.

Often, without assistance, vendors waste countless hours prospecting potential establishments that have little to no interest in what they’re offering. They’re left to sort through candidates the traditional ways (i.e., attending trade shows, buying email lists, cold calling, etc.), which yields low-percentage results and is incredibly resource demanding.

So, now that you understand the importance of supplying these types of items as a vendor, as well as the value that these types of seasonal products provide for summer restaurants, the real question becomes: how do you identify the right prospects for your products as quickly and painlessly as possible?

That’s where Brizo comes in.

Using Brizo to find local summer restaurant hotspots

There are actually a number of different ways that Brizo can help you identify local foodservice establishments that you might want to contact, depending on the types of summer products you’re offering.

For example, if you’re a produce farmer living in Illinois that’s getting ready to harvest your asparagus crop for the season (a very popular summer vegetable for restaurants with rotating menus), you’ll want to get your veggies in front of the right summer restaurants while they’re as fresh as possible.

Using Brizo, you would be able to identify that there are 2,705 restaurants in the Chicago Metropolitan Area that use this ingredient. Many of the big chains will probably already have suppliers that are providing these ingredients for them, so you may want to narrow your search to independent venues.

Thankfully, Brizo can easily filter this for you, leaving you with still over 1,866 independent summer restaurants to approach.

Another example would be if you have products that are specifically meant to satisfy the outdoor patio restaurant crowds. For instance, let’s assume that you’re a small butcher located near El Paso, Texas. Every year, you make special homemade hamburger patties that you sell raw to customers. However, this year, you’d like to see your hamburgers on local menus, so it can help promote your shop through the rest of the year.

Brizo can help you identify the perfect options here too. Even when searching by El Paso, for outdoor patio restaurants that serve hamburgers will still yield you 185 local establishments that you can approach.

This way, you can quickly pinpoint the best local options for your yearly hamburger production, without spending a lot of time and energy sorting through hundreds of potential candidates.

These are just two examples of the hundreds of ways that Brizo’s intuitive platform makes identifying high-quality prospects quick and painless for virtually every type of foodservice vendor.

Types of vendors that are popular in the summer

There are many different types of vendors that can do extremely well servicing summer restaurant menus, with the tools Brizo offers to help expedite searching. Some examples include:

These are just a handful of different vendors that would do well to start approaching local summer restaurants with their products, but there are tons of ways that Brizo’s intelligent technology, combined with its in-depth market analysis, can help empower you to make better data-driven decisions.

Get your products on patios this summer

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