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Use data-rich insights to better serve the foodservice market

Along with offering top-quality products, successful food & beverage distributors need to have a deep understanding of their operators' needs.

Whether you’re supplying independent restaurants or big restaurant brands, our platform arms you with the data-rich insights you need to respond to the ever-changing demands of your market.

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Respond to market trends and buying signals

From new and popular food items to trendy ingredients, food suppliers can use our real-time data-rich insights platform to spot changes in the foodservice market and proactively respond to their operator's needs.

  • Previously we didn’t have a lot of insight into what our customers were, because we didn’t have really great data in terms of what those segments are. Brizo really fits our go-to-market strategy in that it lets us easily identify the cuisines that are really good for our business. And the First Seen function is a phenomenal tool for finding new accounts.


    Michael J. Cala
    Head of Procurement & Category Management, Cheetah

Identify gaps in the market with our menu intelligence

Identify gaps in the market with our menu intelligence

Expand your reach and grow your market share with our actionable, data-rich market analytics.

Get a holistic view of the demand for your food and beverage products and uncover new market opportunities.

  • Access to unrivaled foodservice market insights
    Analyze 1.4+ million food & beverage establishments quickly and easily.
  • Drill down with custom filters
    Create the unique datasets you need with access to over 300+ unique filters.
  • Use menu data to understand consumer trends
    Explore more than 1 billion menu items including ingredient-level data to get a head-start on foodservice market trends.
  • Grow your customer base with verified contact details
    Access more than 1,000,000+ fresh, verified and exportable restaurant and foodservice contact records.
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