Combining a love of food and analytical expertise

Launched in 2020, Brizo Data is made up of a team of veterans from the analytics and research industry with decades of experience working in this fast-paced and ever-evolving space.

Did you know?
Brizo’s data expertise began at WANTED Analytics, where our team developed a global database to track job market trends. This tool became a trusted resource for HR professionals around the world. Even after WANTED was acquired by CEB and then Gartner, our original platform remains a key asset for Fortune 500 clients. Brizo continues this tradition, providing cutting-edge job market insights to shape strategic HR decisions globally.


Skilled data pros and
analytic experts

Our data masters know how to extract insights that are relevant across various markets, using big data analysis as well as creative thinking to deliver relevant, fresh and actionable business intelligence to help you make decisions with confidence.

Our Values

We’re strong believers in providing genuine value for our customers through compassion,
insights and a commitment to innovation. That's why our values are EAT:


We're focused on understanding the needs of our customers - always. From marketing and sales to product development and customer service, we're laser-focused on responding to the needs of our customers.


We're not just about data - we're about insights. Our goal at every stage of the customer journey is to discover and communicate the meaningful patterns which can be found in our millions of data points.


Our team is determined, reliable and always goes the extra mile to deliver real value. We strive for excellence, but we know there’s always room for improvement, too.

Meet the team

Our Partners & Investors

We work with an innovative group of partners and investors who provide invaluable industry experience and help support our growth.

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