How to master foodservice prospecting with advanced market intelligence (and why you should avoid generic contact lists)

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or technology vendor in the foodservice industry? Does your sales strategy hinge on buying prospect contact lists? Do you rely on generic cold calls and mass marketing emails when reaching out to establishments?

It’s time to stop and reconsider what you’re doing.  

The truth is, these approaches to prospecting are ineffective and inefficient. Your prospects have already heard run-of-the-mill sales pitches from a hundred different suppliers. Their inboxes are full of spam emails promoting products irrelevant to their business, and yours is just another in the pile. Why should they consider working with you? 

The “spray and pray” tactic is no longer viable in an increasingly competitive world. Your time and resources are valuable, and so is that of your prospects. To cut through the noise, you need to adopt a more targeted, knowledgeable approach.  

By narrowing the focus of your campaigns, you can use the same level of time and resources to personalize your messaging and connect with your audience. Your prospects will be able to tell that you have taken the time to understand their business and be more likely to listen to you. At the same time, you will be better-equipped to link your product with their business objectives and close the deal.  

Embrace the power of fresh market insights

So if quality, not quantity, is the secret sauce to prospecting success, what resources do you need to adjust your approach?  

Brizo FoodMetrics is a market intelligence platform with the power to transform how you target, evaluate, and qualify prospects. With over 1.9 million foodservice establishments in its database, Brizo has the data-driven insights needed to reignite your sales strategies.

Basic third-party contact lists provide minimal insight into each establishment. You don’t know what they sell, what they need, or if they’re even still in operation (lists can quickly become out-of-date). In addition, if your competitors are using the same lists, you’re all fighting over the same small subset of a much-larger market.

While Brizo includes over 1.3 million verified contacts, that’s only the beginning. It also offers granular insights on everything from menu items to in-use restaurant technologies. Brizo’s data is dynamic: with a monthly refresh rate, you can base your business decisions on the current market, not a static list of phone numbers.

In addition, user-friendly filters and dashboards help you sort and visualize all those rich insights. With Brizo in your prospecting toolbox, you can level up your sales strategy and supercharge your conversion rate.

Cut the fat (and your prospecting time) 

Let’s say you’re a producer selling specific fruits and vegetables to local farm-to-table restaurants. Before Brizo, you might have purchased a list of prospects without any idea how many of them have a need for your product. You probably spent time cold calling or emailing your way through the list; or, you may have wasted even more resources digging through online menus and websites, trying to determine which prospects are a match for what you’re selling.

With market intelligence from Brizo FoodMetrics, you can skip the generic contact list and accelerate your qualifying process. Brizo’s detailed filters let you zero in on establishments who fit your ideal customer profile, leaving out less-relevant prospects that only succeed in eating up your time.

Are you targeting local restaurants serving asparagus? Just apply a geographic boundary in Brizo and select asparagus as an ingredient. You’ll be rewarded with a list of every establishment in your region with asparagus on the menu. There are even filters for Organic, Farm-to-Table, and Locally Sourced establishments, so you can get ultra-specific with your target audience. 

When you’re ready, you can export verified contacts for your search results directly from Brizo. Based on the filters you’ve applied, it’s highly likely that these contacts have a strong interest in locally grown asparagus. By prioritizing your prospects, you can optimize the productivity of your sales team and increase your return on investment.

Segmenting your market with precision-cut data slices

Now we’ll dig deeper into another practical example of how Brizo can help pinpoint the best prospects for your business.

In this scenario, imagine you’re a halal meat distributor in Pennsylvania. We can start by selecting halal under the Dietary Styles filter. Your search will now be restricted to the 14,734 establishments noted within Brizo’s database as offering halal products. 

Filter applied: Dietary Styles = Halal | 14,734 results

Selecting the Halal filter in the Dietary Styles section of Brizo FoodMetrics

You also want to keep things close to your warehouse, so let’s target the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington metro area using Brizo’s location filters. 

Filter applied: Metro Area = Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington | 450 results

Already, these filters have reduced your search to 450 local halal establishments, but we can take it further to build an even more targeted sales campaign.

With over 2.5 billion menu items tracked within Brizo, you can also use granular dish- and ingredient-level filters to analyze current menu offerings. The most common halal meats are beef, lamb, and chicken. However, if the focus of your current campaign is to increase beef and chicken sales, you can add filters for beef or chicken to hone in on restaurants with these ingredients on the menu.

Filter applied: Ingredients (Meat & Poultry) = Beef or Chicken | 398 results

You decide to approach large chains in a separate sales campaign and concentrate on smaller independent operators right now. To make this easy, you can refine your Brizo search to include only independent establishments. 

Filter applied: Independents (under 5 locations) only | 344 results

Finally, your preferred restaurant partners are those with a solid reputation. A large number of positive online reviews tend to align with establishments who are running a good business and thus less likely to fall behind on payments. Luckily, Brizo also allows you to segment search results based on aggregated review data from sources like Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. 

For this search, we can filter for high-performing establishments with an Average Review Score between 4 and 5 and a Total Review Count of more than 50 reviews

Filter applied: Average Review Score = between 4 and 5 | 216 results

Filter applied: Total Reviews = more than 50 | 185 results

Overall, this search leaves you with a refined list of 185 establishments that meet all of your campaign criteria. In addition, Brizo’s flexible charts and dashboards help you interpret and gain further insights into your search results at every stage. Instead of blindly contacting restaurants en masse and hoping they are interested in your products, you can focus your efforts on a smaller group of prequalified prospects and maximize your conversion results. 

Search results in Brizo FoodMetrics

Leave your competitors with the leftovers

The benefit of strategic prospect segmentation is twofold. Not only can you avoid wasting time on low-quality leads that don’t pan out, but you can also engage top-tier prospects with messaging that resonates with their business needs.

Brizo makes prospecting a hassle-free process by equipping your business with fresh, granular data and powerful filters. If you don’t already believe that Brizo can make a huge difference to your success, check out some of our case studies from satisfied clients, like ezCater, DAVO, and Bbot (powered by DoorDash).

If you’re ready to reduce your prospecting time by up to 75%, you need the insights Brizo FoodMetrics can provide. With this much data power in your pocket, your competition will be stuck picking at the leftovers while you enjoy our feast of fresh data.

Start your journey towards mastering foodservice prospecting: GET STARTED now!