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Tyson segments customers with Brizo for hyper-relevant sales and marketing campaigns

Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest protein producers, needs effective segmentation to quickly identify an establishment’s ideal products. Brizo’s rich market intelligence lets them get to the meat of each prospect’s needs.


Tyson supplies restaurants with an array of fresh, frozen, and prepared protein products, from whole chickens to ready-to-eat items. To effectively win new business, they need to be able to segment prospects — and predict their needs — according to elements like restaurant type and menu items.


Brizo FoodMetrics empowers the Tyson sales and marketing teams with comprehensive foodservice market intelligence, from individual ingredients to market-wide insights. This data enables Tyson to shorten sales cycles and engage customers with targeted marketing campaigns.


Intuitive customer segments for more effective prospecting 

Tyson sells their extensive catalog of protein products across the entire foodservice industry, from full-service restaurants to food court stalls. Previously, Tyson had no single source of truth when it came to defining and assigning customer segments, which slowed down prospecting and sales cycles. 

With Brizo, Tyson has gained access to detailed establishment-level data, including business type, cuisine, and ingredients. In addition, Brizo’s Median Meal Price data gives Tyson a snapshot of existing menu pricing for each establishment. 

Tyson’s sales team leverages these insights to quickly categorize each establishment and determine which protein products and price points would best suit their needs. To give a few examples: 

  • Full-service restaurants, ranging from fine dining to casual family restaurants, tend to use larger cuts of meat, such as whole chickens
  • Quick service restaurants, with less kitchen space and a focus on speed, are more likely to benefit from prepared items, like breaded chicken strips 
  • Pizza operators are strong candidates for pre-sliced deli meat (pepperoni, salami, ham, etc)

When approached with products and pricing that fit their business model, establishments are much more likely to convert. Powered by foodservice insights from Brizo, Tyson can quickly and precisely segment their prospects and drive more effective sales.  

Data-driven marketing strategies

When executing strategic marketing campaigns, Tyson wants to get as granular as possible with audience segmentation. More specific audiences allow for more targeted messaging; in turn, these campaigns resonate better, leading to higher conversion and ROI. 

Flexible, user-friendly filters make it easy for Tyson to explore and segment establishments in Brizo’s vast database. For example, filters for chain name and number of locations enable Tyson to build separate campaigns for small independents versus larger operators. Meanwhile, in-depth menu and ingredient data helps group establishments according to what protein products Tyson is marketing in each campaign.

For a better look into the powerful segmentation methods available with Brizo, read on for a deep dive into Tyson’s pizza operator campaign.

What makes a “pizza” a pizza? 

For a marketing campaign based on an upcoming pizza expo, Tyson wanted to focus only on pizza operators. Their starting point was a Brizo search for restaurants with “pizza” on the menu. However, they understood that such a broad search might include various interpretations of “pizza” (like “sushi pizza” or “Mexican pizza”). In addition, some establishments may serve pizza as part of a broader menu, even if it isn’t their specialty.

Because their goal was to target pizza-specific operators, Tyson leveraged Brizo’s built-in data visualization to further refine their audience. After searching for “pizza” as a menu item, they used Brizo’s interactive charts to review the Cuisine Type and Main Dishes of establishments suggested in their search. 

Insights from these charts were key to interpreting the profile of each establishment offering “pizza.” Tyson could quickly filter out any that failed to meet their pizza-only target audience: for example, removing those categorized as “Mexican” cuisine or also offering “hamburgers” on the menu. 

Armed with intricate foodservice data and the powerful tools needed to analyze it, Tyson curated an exclusive list of pizza operators for their pizza-themed campaign. With a highly targeted audience and hyper-relevant messaging, Brizo’s market intelligence ensured they were able to maximize campaign engagement and conversion.

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