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DAVO uses Brizo to investigate the POS landscape and strengthen their growth strategy

DAVO’s success requires a deep understanding of restaurant technology adoption across the foodservice industry. With Brizo, they can zero in on ideal prospects and potential partners, helping to refine their sales process and guide their product roadmap.


DAVO’s ideal customer is an establishment already using a POS system integrated with their product. However, as a restaurant’s POS system isn’t public knowledge, it can be difficult to know which establishments are using DAVO-compatible systems. Discovering their total addressable market (according to POS usage) is crucial to targeting the right prospects and identifying new integration partners.


Clever extrapolation of Brizo FoodMetrics’ data helps DAVO visualize which POS systems are currently in use in the market. This knowledge allows them to quickly identify compatible prospects and strategically expand their integration partnerships.


Identify compatible restaurant prospects

DAVO seeks out high-performing restaurants whose POS systems make them ideal DAVO candidates. Brizo FoodMetrics tracks over 500 tech applications, including technology vendors detected on restaurant websites. Recognizing a strong correlation between certain website technologies (like Square Messages or Toast gift cards) and their corresponding POS systems (Square or Toast), DAVO can quickly hone in on restaurants already using a POS compatible with their own product.

In addition, DAVO uses Brizo’s proprietary Visibility, Vitality, and Reputation ratings to gauge the online presence and recognition of establishments relative to their local peers. By focusing on high-performing restaurants using a POS integrated with DAVO, they can streamline their prospecting strategy and maximize their sales efficiency for higher conversion rates.

Pinpoint ideal technology partners

DAVO’s seamless integration with well-known POS systems is the cornerstone of their success. To maintain their position as restaurants’ preferred sales tax solution, it’s important for DAVO to offer flexibility by integrating with the industry’s key POS players.

Tracking restaurant technology usage with Brizo helps DAVO paint a picture of POS system adoption across the foodservice industry. Armed with up-to-date market research on the most prominent or up-and-coming POS systems, DAVO can strategically decide who to integrate with next in order to maximize their ROI through targeted product innovation.

Offer a personal touch

To build strong relationships with prospects and clients, DAVO recognizes the importance of in-person touchpoints. Brizo’s geographical data and mapping capabilities empower DAVO to forge meaningful connections.

Leading up to industry events and conferences, DAVO segments establishments by region to build localized campaigns. Local prospects and clients receive custom invites to meet DAVO’s team in person by visiting their booth or joining an exclusive happy hour.

DAVO knows successful prospecting and client management is about quality, not quantity: a personalized approach brings a powerful boost to sales and renewals.

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