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ezCater defines and pinpoints ideal catering partners with Brizo

To satisfy clients and keep them coming back for more, ezCater’s catering platform offers a broad selection of diverse and reliable catering partners. Brizo FoodMetrics provides ezCater with the granular insight needed to quickly focus on the right markets and prospects.


ezCater is continually growing their restaurant roster in current markets and expanding into new regions. Meanwhile, their success and reputation generate a steady stream of inbound leads from establishments who want to become ezCater partners. Having an efficient, accurate way to qualify leads and assess the potential of different markets is necessary to save time and maximize return on investment.


Brizo FoodMetrics’ market intelligence platform empowers ezCater to analyze a full spectrum of foodservice insights, from individual restaurants to entire regions. As a result, ezCater can quickly determine which restaurant partners and markets are the strongest fit for their business model.


Streamline prospect qualification

ezCater receives a high volume of inbound leads from restaurants keen to join their marketplace. However, they know that some establishments are better suited for corporate catering than others. In what was previously a time-consuming qualifying process, ezCater must distinguish which potential partners are best equipped to deliver consistently excellent catering services.

To save time and resources, Brizo FoodMetrics helps ezCater better understand and define their ideal catering partner. By cross-referencing their existing partners within Brizo’s vast database, ezCater can identify key indicators that a restaurant will be a good fit, such as a high Total Review Count and strong Average Review Score.

In addition, data on current technology usage flags restaurants who have already adopted digital solutions; these establishments are more likely to recognize the value of an ezCater partnership.

Armed with a deeper understanding of what makes an ideal catering partner, ezCater can then quickly qualify their inbound leads and prioritize outbound sales. In addition to increasing sales productivity, this data-driven approach also improves client satisfaction by maintaining a high bar for restaurant partners.

Expand more strategically

As ezCater continue to grow, prioritizing the right markets for expansion is key to maximizing return on investment. Brizo enables efficient go-to-market research by identifying areas with high concentrations of ideal catering partners.

Geographic mapping tools, combined with restaurant review and technology usage data, are key to conducting this research. Meanwhile, the ability to visualize regional cuisine offerings helps highlight local food variety — crucial to serving clients who desire a diverse set of options for their corporate catering.

By helping remove blind spots and conduct effective market research, Brizo empowers ezCater with the resources needed to make smarter business decisions.

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