Brizo foodservice market analytics platform

Accelerate your Business Growth with the right Restaurant Data Analytics tool.

Boost your strategies with Brizo, the definitive market intelligence platform for the foodservice suppliers and vendors.

By aggregating fresh, comprehensive data on over 1.4 million foodservice establishments across the U.S. and Canada, we put organized, actionable intelligence right at your fingertips. With our granular, in-depth analytics and industry-leading refresh rates, you can make data-driven decisions fast. With Brizo, you're not just making informed choices; you're setting the gold standard in foodservice strategy.

fresh and comprehensive foodservice market data

Take more strategic decisions and increase profit margins with real-time restaurant analytics data.

The power of restaurant data analytics lies in collecting and leveraging data to make informed decisions. Brizo equips you with not just daily, but real-time updates through our industry-leading refresh rates. Analyze everything from cuisine types to tech-in-use so you can anticipate market shifts, decode customer behavior, and make informed decisions. Through Brizo's unparalleled market coverage and verified contact information, you're not just navigating the foodservice industry landscape: you're mastering it, ensuring sustained profitability and robust partnerships.

Enhance your existing database

Optimize operations with enhanced data

Demand forecasting is crucial to the operational success of a foodservice industry, and at Brizo, we understand that. Our expertise isn't just in providing data; we offer solutions to integrate and interpret it effectively. This is where Brizo FoodMetrics comes into play, offering daily refreshed dashboards and in-depth visualizations. These tools empower you to make optimal decisions across the board, from procurement and inventory management to staffing and service delivery. By choosing Brizo, you're not just improving customer experiences; you're consistently elevating them and setting new industry benchmarks.

Applying data modeling and Using the power of AI

Applying data modeling and Using the power of AI to standardize insights

Data structuring is critical when it comes to analyzing your data. Unfortunately, a lot of data is disorganized, unstructured, and improperly formatted. Using AI-powered algorithms and data modelling, our data scientists work to normalize and standardize all our data to ensure it’s in a reliable and consistent format to draw insights.

Brizo Data Analytics Dashboard

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  • Integrate our data with Salesforce and other CRMs

    If you live in Salesforce, you know how important it is to have reliable, high-quality reports. Our platform integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs to pull our fresh and verified data into your system, ensuring you have comprehensive intelligence to inform your sales and marketing reports.

  • An analytics platform that offers more than just data

    You can buy a generic data list from anywhere. With our online platform, you’ll benefit from real-time insight-backed data that harnesses the combined power of artificial intelligence, data science, and big data analytics. Our platform enhances your database to make it work harder and drive better results for your business.

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