Platform examples from Brizo FoodMetrics' restaurant database

Get actionable insights using Brizo's Florida restaurant database

Explore a detailed Florida restaurant database to prospect more effectively and close deals faster

As the source of truth on the foodservice industry, Brizo FoodMetrics serves up actionable market intelligence with unrivalled depth, freshness, and accuracy.

Access a dedicated Florida restaurant database

  • 101K+

    Total establishments

  • 67K+

    Independent locations

  • 33K+

    Chain locations

  • 97K+

    Unique contacts

  • 1.5K+

    Unique chains

Apply custom filters to our restaurant data and identify ideal prospects

decorative circle image Platform examples from Brizo FoodMetrics' restaurant database

Leverage our platform to gain visibility into the Florida restaurant market with establishment filters like:

  • Location
  • Services & amenities
  • Ambiance
  • Cuisine type
  • Dietary style
  • Menu items & ingredients
  • In-use technologies
  • Website & social media
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Delivery marketplaces

Increase lead quality, enhance sales productivity, and make strategic decisions

  • Verified Leads
    We assess and verify each lead in our Florida restaurant database to make sure you’re reaching the right audience at every step of your campaign.
  • Flexible Data
    Get data-driven insights into the foodservice landscape, filter for your ideal customer profile, and create targeted sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Continuous Updates
    Instantly get updated on new market trends and restaurant leads in your target area. No more working with outdated data – get real-time access around the clock.
  • Market Visibility
    Leverage the latest foodservice market intelligence for smarter, faster business decisions that keep you ahead of the curve.

Where do our insights come from?

At Brizo FoodMetrics, we combine the power of data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to bring you fresh, accurate insights.

  • Collect
    We continuously monitor industry sources to capture the online footprint of the foodservice market, including business profile pages, corporate websites, delivery marketplace menus, and review sites
  • Digest
    We cleanse, organize and aggregate the raw data to transform it into comprehensive foodservice establishment profiles
  • Optimize
    We translate our data into actionable insights via a user-friendly market intelligence platform, complete with filters and visualization tools easily leveraged by any-sized business
  • Track
    We update our database on a weekly basis and provide the ability to conduct historical data analysis, revealing industry changes over time
Platform examples from Brizo FoodMetrics' restaurant database

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Where can I find a restaurant database? expand/collapse icon

While various restaurant databases exist online, many only offer limited establishment details, basic contact information, and unknown accuracy. Foodservice is a fast-paced industry, and these data points are subject to frequent change and can quickly become outdated.

As an alternative, market intelligence platforms like Brizo FoodMetrics offer accurate, data-rich insights that are automatically updated on a monthly basis. In addition to contact information, we provide the detailed establishment insights that are key to taking your sales and marketing pitch from boring to impactful.

What should I look for when choosing a restaurant database? expand/collapse icon

In your research, you may come across a number of providers offering basic lead generation lists or industry data. Be wary of relying solely on what could be an outdated or incomplete database, as these providers may have a limited scope of data or be dependent on broader market surveys.

It’s not uncommon for such sources to only include restaurant chains, leaving you blind to the huge segment of the market made up of independent operators. In addition, they often make contact information their number one priority; while contact information is certainly helpful, without any other establishment details, it can be difficult to prequalify prospects so you know where to focus your time and resources.

Brizo’s in-depth market coverage ensures no segment of the foodservice industry is overlooked. In addition to verified contact information, our database also offers detailed insights on a wide range of foodservice establishments, including chains and independent operators. With our easy-to-use filters and data visualization tools, you can quickly analyze granular establishment details like location, ratings, amenities, menu items, ingredients, in-use technologies, and more.

Having this kind of information at your fingertips is key to mastering foodservice prospecting so you can enhance your sales productivity and close more deals.

How do I know your restaurant database is accurate? expand/collapse icon

Our experienced team collects detailed foodservice industry data directly from establishment websites, marketplaces, review sites, and online directories. All data is rigorously cleaned and qualified before being aggregated into our user-friendly market intelligence platform, ready for businesses like you to explore and analyze.

What locations in Florida does Brizo's database cover? expand/collapse icon

Brizo FoodMetrics offers comprehensive foodservice market intelligence across Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Key West, Jacksonville, etc.

What kind of data does your database include? expand/collapse icon

Our market intelligence platform includes much more than just verified contact information. With Brizo FoodMetrics, you can explore:

Extensive Market Coverage: Access a database of foodservice establishments (and growing!)

Granular Business Data: Get detailed insights into location, cuisine, ratings, and more

In-Depth Menu Details: Analyze tracked menu items and ingredient-level data

Technographic Data: Investigate the in-use restaurant technologies at each establishment

Verified Contacts: Use these data points to prequalify prospects and narrow down which of our verified contacts to focus on

How much does Florida restaurant data typically cost? expand/collapse icon

While the cost of restaurant data can vary widely, its true value is best measured by the depth of data and actionable insights it provides. For the greatest return on your investment, ensure your database includes more than just basic contact information or outdated establishment details.

Brizo FoodMetrics provides the most comprehensive and granular view of the foodservice market. With monthly database refreshes, you can confidently base your business decisions on the most accurate, up-to-date market intelligence.

We offer flexible plans based on the needs of your team. For more details, check out our Pricing page and get in touch for a custom quote.

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