A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Foodservice Market Intelligence Platforms

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Market Intelligence Platforms For Restaurants

How does a franchisor know which new markets to expand to and which trends to follow? Today’s technology can provide franchisors with near real-time data-driven insights and market intelligence for more informed decisions. Brizo provides a comprehensive market intelligence platform for the foodservice industry, enabling restaurant owners, franchisors and entrepreneurs to gain actionable insights that will facilitate their decisions.

Understanding the foodservice market requires information that is exclusive to the foodservice industry, such as menu composition, product availability, promotional strategies, pricing levels, inspection performance and the adoption of new technologies. With Brizo, you have the ability to go beyond the typical market research to find a more specific set of data. You can drill down to find targeted prospecting for making sales, marketing to potential buyers, and streamlining the innovation of production. Additionally, Brizo is capable of enriching your system with data-driven insights and analytics to make more reliable decisions with confidence.

Sales Prospecting

When a franchisor is looking to expand into a market, having the right market data can be invaluable. All too often marketing processes are not united with sales prospecting goals, resulting in salespeople not being aligned with the franchise mission. With Brizo’s market intelligence platform, you have the ability to direct sales prospecting to the right kind of customers in the foodservice market.

By using data points such as restaurant type, menu items, and customer behavior trends, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the market. Additionally, Brizo also provides review information and insights into the competition. The platform allows for a detailed analysis of how you stack up against rivals and what opportunities exist in your desired market.

Foodservice Market Research

Brizo’s platform enables foodservice market research to be conducted faster and more effectively. With data-driven insights, you can leverage predictive analytics and advanced market intelligence to produce better marketing results. The power of this platform offers a wide range of applications including understanding customer preferences, restaurant preferences, menu adjustments, and promotional strategies.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Brizo is the perfect tool for foodservice businesses looking to expand into new markets or streamline production. The platform allows you to quickly identify commercial kitchens or restaurants that offer your desired products. This tool enables you to analyze relevant data and create a plan for expanding operations. With tools such as customer segmentation and menu-level insights, you can strategically target the right locations.

Data Enrichment

Due to the detailed datasets that Brizo offers, it can be extremely helpful in enriching your system with information that can make informed decisions for the future. With data-driven insights, advanced analytics and customizable visualizations, you can get deeper insights into the foodservice market.

Using Brizo’s market intelligence platform, you are able to develop an in-depth understanding of customer behavior and preferences on a national or regional level. This technology allows you to identify valuable insights and trends that will facilitate faster and more reliable decision-making.


It is clear that Brizo is a powerful market intelligence tool uniquely designed for the foodservice industry. The platform enables franchisors and entrepreneurs to gain insights into customer behavior, pricing levels, promotional strategies, and more. With valuable data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and powerful visualizations, Brizo offers the perfect platform to equip franchise teams with the resources they need to succeed.