Top 10 Things to Consider When Analyzing the Foodservice Market

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Foodservice Segments

The restaurant industry is one of the most dynamic markets out there. With fast-changing consumer tastes, new technology, and ever-evolving health regulations, success in this sector relies on agile and data-driven decision-making. All franchisors hoping to expand their location footprint need access to accurate, fresh, and comprehensive market intelligence in order to make the best choices for their business. Brizo provides insights and analytics into the foodservice market to empower franchisors and other foodservice professionals to grow their businesses while fulfilling customer expectations.

From data enrichment services to sales and marketing insights, Brizo assists franchisors in planning for optimal expansion, maximizing venture potential, and minimizing risky investments. Here is a rundown of the top 10 essential considerations every entrepreneur must take into account in order to successfully navigate the foodservice market:

1. menu Mapping – A comprehensive analysis of the menu trends of competitors in any given geography can provide franchisors with invaluable insights into local spending habits, cultural preferences, and more. Brizo’s menu mapping services provide a detailed overview of any given area, offering the strategic information needed to design a successful product lineup.

2. Sales Prospecting – Data-driven advertising and targeted outreach efforts can help franchisors reach a more varied demographic and get their location noticed. Brizo’s sales prospecting capabilities provide access to data-led analysis that can pinpoint the best opportunities in any geography, saving franchisees the time and expense of traditional sales and marketing.

3. Marketing to the Foodservice Market – With detailed market intelligence and industry insights, franchisors can craft effective advertising, public relations, and promotional campaigns that leverage the most up-to-date industry trends. With Brizo’s help, franchisors can build the brand that reaches the right clients in their markets.

4. Cost Controlling – It isn’t enough to simply identify great service opportunities; franchisors can benefit from an in-depth evaluation of market prices, the costs associated with staffing, payroll, and materials, and more. Cost-controlling services from Brizo help franchisees make the right decisions for their bottom line.

5. Competition Evaluation – Careful analysis of competitors, including their strategies, the quality of their output, pricing, and more, helps franchisors deliver a better product than their competitors without breaking the bank. Brizo’s market research services provide an overview of the competition, giving franchisees the tools they need to beat it.

6. Expansion Planning – Smart location expansion needs to consider a variety of factors, from geographic potential to local zoning regulations. Brizo’s data-driven intelligence helps make this process easier, giving franchisors the information they need to find the right opportunities.

7. Equipment & Technology Selection – Foodservice operations need to stay on top of ever-evolving technological trends in order to make the best decisions for their businesses. Brizo’s research helps franchisees identify the most cost-effective technologies and services, as well as understand key considerations like training needs and support structure.

8. Local Sourcing – Quality ingredients are essential for restaurant success, so it pays to understand local sourcing options in any new market. Using Brizo’s data-led intelligence, franchisors can access a comprehensive overview of local suppliers, helping them make cost-effective decisions for their new locations.

9. Wellness Regulations – The foodservice industry is rapidly changing, and franchisors must stay on top of emerging health regulations in their new markets. Brizo can help provide franchisors with insights into this complicated arena, enabling them to make the right decisions and stay in compliance.

10. Data Enrichment – Foodservice professionals need access to data as soon as possible, in order to make the right decisions for their business. Brizo’s data enrichment services enhance Franchisor’s existing data systems, providing fresh insights in a timely manner and helping franchisors make smart decisions with confidence.

Starting a franchise can be an intimidating task, but data-led intelligence makes it easier. With comprehensive market analysis from Brizo, franchisors can grow their brand while minimizing the risk of costly mistakes. By considering the key considerations outlined above, franchisors can make the smart decisions that will lead them to success.