What You Need to Know Before Starting a Foodservice Business?

Food service business

Starting a food business is more than just serving delicious meals; you must have a basic understanding of the food industry, including food safety and handling regulations.

The success of your food business will depend on the type of business you start, whether you plan on starting an upscale café, a vegetarian food truck, a home-based food business, or a bustling restaurant. In addition, creating a well-informed business plan and developing your marketing strategy is dependent on insightful market research. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps: conducting thorough market research to identify your future customers, choosing the right location, and, finally, making your dream a reality.

You’ll also learn how a market intelligence platform like Brizo FoodMetrics can help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Key Things to Know Before Starting a Foodservice Business

Opening a food business is always exciting but filled with strategic planning and data-driven decision-making. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need to know.

Conduct Comprehensive Market Research

Before you even think about menus, staffing,  or locations, you need to understand how the food industry works. Start with a detailed business plan that covers:

Questions to ask yourself:

Remember, outdated information can lead to missed opportunities. Utilizing a market intelligence tool like Brizo FoodMetrics can provide you with a comprehensive food industry database to answer these questions with precision.

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

With a clear understanding of your market, it’s time to refine your USP.

Questions to ask yourself:

Assess Your Supply Chain

Leverage Technology

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Making a mark in the food industry requires more than just good food; it’s about building a brand. This involves:

Questions to ask yourself:

Location and Logistics

Choosing the right location is crucial and involves more than just finding a busy street. Consider:

Questions to ask yourself:

Financial Planning and Projections

A solid financial plan is the backbone of any successful foodservice business. Key considerations include:

Questions to ask yourself:

By addressing these key areas directly, you’re laying the foundation for a successful, long-term foodservice business.


Starting a foodservice business requires more than a passion for food; it demands a comprehensive understanding of the industry, from food safety to market trends. You have to be able to prepare and cook food efficiently, manage staff, and handle administrative tasks. You also need to be able to source ingredients, create menus, and manage finances.

If you need detailed market insights to improve your strategy and business plan, try Brizo FoodMetrics. Sign up for a free trial today.