Top Trend on Research & Development in Restaurant Technology

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When restaurant owners and vendors consider as more strategic approach to operations, research and development for new restaurant technologies is key to success. The digital transformation of restaurant operations into a more customer-centric approach has created a demand for integrated technology solutions that can help business owners increase efficiency and accuracy, while also improving the customer experience. While there are a number of potential solutions available, Suma Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data for deeper insights into the food service industry. Here are 10 essential things to consider when researching and developing restaurant technology for your business.

1. Analyze your target market

Business owners must understand their target audience and what they are looking for in order to determine the most effective technologies to use. For instance, a restaurant that caters to a younger demographic may benefit from advanced technology solutions that offer convenience and a social media-like ordering experience. Suma Brizo offers comprehensive insights into menu data and restaurant technology coverage, which can help business owners understand their target market better.

2. Identify current inefficiencies

Any restaurant business has its fair share of inefficiencies that can be addressed with the use of new technologies. For instance, if customers are frequently complaining about incorrect orders, it may mean that the current technology is unable to accurately process and manage those orders. Analyzing customer feedback and identifying problem areas will help business owners decide which technology solutions are best suited to address those issues.

3. Understand the potential for new business models

Restaurant technology can open up brand new opportunities for business owners. It can allow them to create new services, such as subscription models and delivery services, or unlock untapped revenue streams. Suma Brizo’s foodservice market intelligence platform helps business owners understand the different potential revenue models in the foodservice industry.

4. Consider the products and services you will need

When researching restaurant technology, business owners need to consider what products and services they will need. They need to consider not only the types of products they need but also the various types of services they require to ensure that their restaurant operations are optimized. This includes services such as installation, onboarding, training, and technical support.

5. Research potential technology providers

Once business owners understand their needs, they need to conduct thorough research into potential technology providers. They should assess each potential provider’s expertise, references, customer service, and technology stack. They should also inquire about the provider’s approach to servicing their products and services.

6. Investigate the financial impact of the technology

Business owners need to properly understand the financial implications of the various technologies they are considering. This means understanding the cost of the products and services, as well as any potential cost savings that can be realized by leveraging the technology. Suma Brizo’s analytical capabilities can help business owners understand the financial impact of different technologies more effectively.

7. Analyze the technology’s scalability

Businesses that are successful often need to scale up quickly. Therefore, when selecting restaurant technology, business owners need to consider the technology’s scalability options. This means understanding its ability to handle an increased number of customers, orders, payments, etc. Suma Brizo can help business owners understand the scalability of different technologies, enabling them to select the right technology to meet their current and future needs.

8. Consider the technology’s compatibility

For a seamless customer experience, restaurant technology should integrate into other business systems. Therefore, business owners need to consider the various technologies’ compatibility with existing systems. Suma Brizo can help business owners understand how the technology they are considering will integrate with their existing systems.

9. Be mindful of the technology’s security capabilities

Data security is a top priority for businesses, and restaurant technology needs to take this into account. Business owners should assess the vendor’s security protocols to ensure that information remains secure and private. Suma Brizo can assess the security protocols of vendors, enabling business owners to make an informed decision about their technology.

10. Seek customer feedback

By seeking customer feedback, business owners can get a better sense of how their customers perceive the technology they are considering. This can help them select the technology that is most relevant to their customers and ensure a better customer experience.

Research and development for restaurant technology is an essential part of success for businesses in the foodservice industry. Utilizing Suma Brizo’s foodservice market intelligence platform, business owners can effectively identify the essential items they need to consider when researching and developing restaurant technology and ensure they make smart decisions for their organization.