What to Expect of Sandwich Trends in 2023

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Sandwich Trends 2023

As the year 2023 draws closer, sandwich trends are continuing to evolve and evolve quickly. But what can restaurants and foodservice providers expect to see in this industry? Both in terms of the customer demand and the data needed to keep up? We will explore these sandwich trends in 2023 and the greater foodservice industry with the help of data provided by the experts at Brizo.

The Power of Menu Data

Menu data gives restaurants and foodservice providers a thorough understanding of what customers are ordering most and where, and even what level of customization they prefer. This crucial insights helps restaurant’s tailor their menus and determine what dishes are most profitable to include on their menus. Additionally, this menu data provides valuable insights into customer preferences which can be used to customize sandwich ingredients, condiments, sides, and drinks, and even influence upsells.

Technology for Optimizing Sandwich Trends

The sandwich industry is becoming more complex and technology is essential for staying competitive. Restaurant technology solutions provide restaurants with the ability to track and monitor customer preferences, track inventory, and analyze data to continuously better customer sandwiches. This enables faster, more informed decisions when it comes to staying up to date with trends.

Technology also allows restaurants to provide customer solutions such as mobile ordering and payment. These solutions give customers the flexibility to order and pay from anywhere, whether it be from their mobile device, tablet, or computer. Mobile ordering provides restaurants with additional sales opportunities and helps them deliver customer-focused offerings easily.

Menu Optimization

As restaurants become smarter with their menu offering, menu optimization is proving to be an increasingly important part of sandwich trends for 2023. Menu optimization allows merchants to fine-tune their menu items, pricing, and other aspects of their restaurant to maximize sales, stay on top of industry trends, and streamline operations.

Other sandwich trends in 2023

As new technologies continue to emerge, so do new foodservice trends. This includes offering healthier options, plant-based proteins, and alternative ingredients. This trend towards healthier and vegan options is becoming more mainstream, and is helping shape the sandwich industry for 2023. Other major trends for 2023 include the increasing popularity of seafood sandwiches, and an emphasis on local flavors and ingredients.

Overall, restaurants have the opportunity to use the sandwich industry of 2023 to take advantage of emerging technologies, changing customer preferences and industry trends, to optimize their menu and operations. To stay ahead of the foodservice trends, market leaders are leveraging data insights, menu optimization, and technology solutions to better understand customer preferences and increase their competitive advantage.