What are the Latest Trends in the Pizza Industry?

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Trends In The Pizza Industry

The pizza industry is rapidly changing, and restaurants, tech providers, and suppliers must keep track of the latest trends to staty ahead of the competition. With an NYC-sized slice of the $780 billion full-service restaurant industry, understanding emerging trends in the pizza industry is vital to success for key players.

data-driven research and advancements in AI-infused restaurant technologies are enabling faster insights into pizza consumption trends and preferences. Understanding current trends can help provide companies with a competitive advantage in their operations, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and expanded market share.

In-depth restaurant tech coverage and market intelligence platforms, such as Brizo, offer both suppliers and restaurateurs a comprehensive way to track the latest trends in the pizza industry. This article will discuss key trends in the pizza industry today, how they are changing the restaurant tech landscape, and what to expect in the future.

0Evolution of the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has seen dramatic changes in the last two decades, with the rise of delivery technologies and new consumer demands. With the introduction of pizza delivery apps, such as DoorDash or UberEats, this has enabled a seamless ordering experience for customers, enabling consumers in many areas to have access to fast pizza delivery. As the industry has evolved, consumers have also become more demanding of restaurant businesses, driving the need for more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective operations.

The introduction of AI-infused technologies has enabled faster and more accurate insights into the preferences of customers and consumptions trends. Restaurants are turning to AI-informed restaurant technologies to more quickly identify customer needs and tastes. This includes predictive analytics that helps restaurants determine the right time to offer items and discounts, based on customer data.

Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza has been steadily growing in popularity, with an estimated 10 percent of pizza eateries in the US offering vegan pizzas. As veganism continues to become more than just a trend and more regulated in food industry, companies should be aware of consumer needs and preferences.

In response to the rise of veganism, many franchises are now offering vegan pizza as an option. This has enabled restaurants to expand their reach and capture a growing number of vegan customers. Consumer demand for vegan food has also driven the growth of vegan products, such as vegan cheese and meat-free meat.

Delivery Pizzas

Delivery pizzas have seen a surge in popularity in the past years as more customers opt for the convenience and accuracy of online ordering. The technology platform for this delivery boom has been enabled by the introduction of AI-infused delivery technologies. These technologies have enabled restaurants to track customer preferences and delivery times, and to automate the ordering process.

In addition to delivery, customers also expect their order to be delivered on time and accurate. AI-enabled delivery technologies have enabled companies to automatically adjust orders and delivery times, decreasing the number of delivery and order errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

Pizzas with “Non-Classical” Ingredients

Non-traditional pizza ingredients have seen an increasing trend in recent years. Consumers have become interested in more unique and adventurous flavors, such as tacos, burritos, and churrasco pizzas. As a result of this trend, many restaurants are now offering “made-to-order pizzas” that make it easier for customers to customize their pizza.

In addition to the menu, restaurants are also utilizing AI-infused technologies to better understand customer tastes and preferences. AI-powered algorithms can more accurately identify flavor preferences, enabling restaurants to personalize the menus and offer items that customers want. This expansion of menu choices will be essential for larger restaurant chains to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving food industry.

The Future of the Pizza Industry

The pizza industry is constantly changing, and restaurants, tech providers, and suppliers must keep tracking emerging trends to remain competitive. AI-infused technologies and predictive analytics will remain essential tools for restaurants to stay ahead of the competition and identify customer trends.

The rise of veganism and non-traditional ingredients will continue to drive menu alterations and offer more customer choice. Delivery will remain a key factor in operations and automation will continue to be key for accuracy in delivery.

As the industry evolves, companies must ensure they remain abreast of the latest trends in the pizza industry. Data-driven market insights, AI-enabled technologies, and predictive analytics will remain essential to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the pizza industry.