Frequently Asked Questions Around Account-Based Data Programs for Restaurants

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Account Based Data Program For Restaurants

As the foodservice industry grows in size and complexity, it’s increasingly difficult for food & beverage distributors to stay informed and competitive. Data provides invaluable insights to stay ahead of the competition, but there are many questions surrounding account-based data programs for restaurants. How is data used by food & beverage distributors? What data is available for such programs? What benefits can distributors derive from utilizing this data? This article provides extensive insight into these questions, supporting food & beverage distributors as they uncover the necessary information to leverage data and remain ahead in the competitive industry.

When it comes to leveraging data, food & beverage distributors need to understand what’s available. Brizo offers a comprehensive and tailored set of data specifically for the foodservice industry. Its data encapsulates key insights around menu offerings and restaurant technology, designed to generate highly targeted research and prospecting. Beyond providing information about the market, Brizo’s data also assists distributors in sales prospecting, marketing, and brand expansion; further enriching data points that ultimately help distributors make decisions with confidence.

One of the most important aspects of data is that it helps inform the decisions distributors make. When it comes to sales and marketing, understanding the market and customers is essential. With the help of Brizo’s market intelligence, distributors can create targeted campaigns in support of customer and brand expansion. For instance, distributors can track current and potential customer segments, incorporate pertinent messaging for each group, and adjust strategies according to the overall response. This type of insight enables distributors to develop more effective sales and marketing plans, ultimately improving business outcomes.

On the other hand, finding kitchens and stabilizing production operations can be a significant challenge. By leveraging data, distributors can streamline this process and identify kitchens that fit business needs, allowing the food & beverage business to strategically expand. Access to a reliable network of foodservice industry experts can provide insights that are difficult to capture through standard methods.

Distributors may find themselves asking what benefits will they see if they leverage data? Important to note is that data-driven insights will encourage faster decision-making with access to proof points and customers segmentation that allow for a smarter approach. As a case study of one Brizo customer, within the first month of using the brand’s data, sales opportunities increased by over 2X, highlighting the potential offered by adopting such robust insights.

Overall, account-based data programs are essential for the food & beverage industry. Data provides organizations with improved visibility when it comes to sales and marketing strategies, and a birds-eye view of the market. As such, food & beverage distributors should optimize their efforts to tap into the value of their data. By understanding the best ways to use and leverage this data, understanding the benefits that come from these programs, and understanding the solutions that offer these insights, organizations can enjoy the enhanced success that data insight can bring.