Frequently Asked Questions Around Chicken Trends in the Foodservice Market

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Chicken Trends

The food service industry is an incredibly dynamic and constantly changing space, and chicken is one of the most popular proteins consumed in any restaurant. As technology and consumer tastes evolve, so too do the types of chicken that people order and the details of the dishes they choose. To stay current and ahead of the competition, foodservice operators and distributors must stay up to date on the latest chicken trends and insights.

Brizo’s comprehensive foodservice market data can provide a more in-depth view of how the market is changing when it comes to chicken dishes. This data can be used to equip sales teams with data-driven insights to inform their targeted prospecting efforts, help marketing teams more efficiently attract and convert leads, and help kitchen staff streamline production and expand their brands. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions related to chicken trends in the foodservice market.

What Types of Chicken Are Most Popular in the Foodservice Market?

When it comes to the types of chicken dishes that customers order, fried chicken still reigns supreme. It appears on menus in a wide variety of scenarios, quickly adapting to current trends and flavors. In addition to fried chicken, roasted chicken dishes have grown in popularity over the past few years, as customers are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives and dishes with fewer processed ingredients. Other popular styles of chicken dishes include smoked, pulled, and char-grilled options.

How Have Chicken Dishes Adapted to Current Trends?

The flavor profiles of chicken dishes have adapted to many of the most popular flavors and trends of today’s competitive foodservice market. A variety of ethnic flavors, from Korean to Latin to Mediterranean, have all seen popular adoption in chicken dishes. Additionally, many chefs are creating creative ways to cook the staple protein, such as pickling the chicken or using it for stuffed dishes.

What Special Considerations Should Foodservice Operators Keep in Mind When Introducing Chicken Dishes to a Menu?

When introducing a new chicken dish to a menu, foodservice operators must consider the dish’s flavor profile, the type of chicken they’re using, and the other ingredients that will accompany it. Some dishes may be more complex than others, requiring the use of several different ingredients and multiple steps to ensure flavor and texture come through.

In addition to creating the dish, operators must consider the cost when adding chicken dishes to their menu. The cost of buying chicken, as well as the cost of preparing it, must be considered when pricing the dish for customers. Additionally, they should think about the shelf life of the dish and special notes that should be included to inform customers of allergen information, where the chicken was sourced, and any other questions they may have.

What Is the Best Way to Market Chicken Dishes in the Foodservice Market?

Among the best ways to market chicken dishes in the foodservice market are creating visuals of the dish, informing customers about special ingredients and skills used to prepare the dish, highlighting any unique tastes and flavors of the dish, and informing customers as to where the dish was sourced.

In the age of Instagram, visuals reign supreme when it comes to the marketing of chicken dishes. Consumers are more likely to be enticed to purchase a dish if there’s a visually appealing image of it on the restaurant’s menu or webpage. In addition to visuals, providing details on the unique flavor profiles of the dish, such as how it is marinated or how many spices are included in the dish, can also be successful in marketing the dish to customers.

How Is Chicken Currently Being Used in the Foodservice Market?

Chicken is currently being used in a variety of dishes throughout the foodservice market. From fried chicken sandwiches to loaded salads, chicken is easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes to suit any customer’s needs. Additionally, chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as char-grilled, smoked, or cooked sous vide, to add flavor and texture to any dish.

Due to its versatility, chicken can also be used to appeal to different demographics. For example, a KFC-style fried chicken sandwich can appeal to younger customers, while a char-grilled salad can appeal to health-conscious diners. By offering different chicken dishes, operators can increase their customer base and appeal to a wider demographic.


Chicken is one of the most popular proteins consumed in the foodservice market and is a staple on restaurant menus. To maintain their competitive edge, foodservice operators and distributors must stay up to date on the latest chicken trends and use the insights they receive to inform their marketing and sales strategies. From understanding the types of chicken dishes that are popular to knowing how to market new dishes, foodservice operators must use data and insights to remain educated and ahead of the competition.