Marketing Analytics Service for Restaurants: Data-Driven Insights for the Foodservice Market

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Restaurant Marketing Analytics Service

Facing the challenge of a dynamically evolving foodservice market, data providers are turning to data-driven approaches to break through the competition. With the rise of digital technology, the demand for insights on marketing, sales and making data-drive decisions have all become integral to success in this automation-paved environment. Brizo is a restaurant marketing analytics service that provides our customers with a wide-ranging suite of market insights targeting and transforming the foodservice market.


In today’s ever-changing foodservice market, restaurant technology providers are critically in need of data-driven insights. Brizo provides an extensive suite of market analysis and insights with an aim to bring digital clarity to the dining industry. Our platform includes menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and superior sales prospecting for the foodservice industry. Our insights bridge the gap between the analog data points and the technological necessities for decisions ranging from production innovation to sales and marketing.

‍Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We innovate using data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics to bring the scale and power of technology to our clients. Combining our exclusive algorithms, predictive analytics, and broader technological goals, we provide insights that integrate efficiently into the decision-making processes for our clients. Our platform allows our customers to gain access to valuable data, fueling better decisions and providing the support necessary for achieving their goals.

‍Sales & Competitive Intelligence

Our sales intelligence helps our customers locate and acquire potential leads faster than ever before. Through data-backed reports, we provide salespeople with an in-depth overview of the foodservice market and insight into competitor research. By utilizing our sales intelligence capabilities, customers can allocate their resources as effectively and quickly as possible to capture their target market. Our platform enables customers to understand foodservice market trends and competitor positioning in order to shape their sales & marketing strategy.

‍Marketing & Find Kitchens

Our marketing intelligence offers our clients customized solutions to attract, convert, and close more leads. Our platform provides detailed customer profiles that allow for highly targeted segmentation and remarketing of potential customers. Furthermore, our Find Kitchens feature enables our customers to efficiently streamline production innovation by gaining access to detailed information about food businesses in their target area.

‍Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is a crucial part of our service as it provides more comprehensive market insights. By combining static and real-time data content, our team creates richer sets of data, leading to more accurate and better-informed decision making for our customers. Through our extensive data enrichment, customers can enhance their systems with invaluable data insights and make decisions with confidence in a rapidly changing environment.


At Brizo, we provide an extraordinary set of data-driven insights to support all of our customer’s operations in the foodservice market. Our data empowers customers to make smarter decisions, grow their market share and leverage their resources in order to stay ahead of the competition.