Utilizing Foodservice Segment Analysis for Business Success

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Evaluating Foodservice Segments

In the food service industry, attaining competitive edge is an ongoing struggle that requires businesses to act on insightful market intelligence. Employee data and comprehensive analytics play a key role in maintaining superior competitiveness. With the introduction of Brizo, a board and diverse set of data designed to understand and analyse the foodservice market, foodservice operators have the resources to identify and access competitive insights, allowing for successful and reliable sales and marketing strategies as well as streamlining production innovation and strategically expanding brand.

In the foodservice industry, the ability to quickly and accurately assess market trends, insights and opportunities is essential to success. Whether a restaurant, QSR (quick-service restaurant) or food manufacturer, strategic analysis of industry trends is a must for any business vying for competitive edge. Capturing and utilizing dependable data from reliable sources is only part of the equation. The use of comprehensive analytics platforms like Brizo offers a wealth of resources such as item-level menu insights, recipes, promotion tactics, restaurant technology trends and more, enabling food service operators to gain complete knowledge of the competitor landscape and expand their causation research.

Having the ability to utilise real-time data is fundamental for making effective data-driven decisions. With Brizo, businesses have access to sales-prospecting intelligence which equips sales teams with the intelligence to effectively identify and access customer trends and needs. Additionally, Brizo’s platform provides market insights to enable businesses to design and implement effective marketing strategies to attract, convert and close more leads.

The queries being answered with data-enriched insights are:

• How do I accurately identify my target market?

• What types of products and services are the most successful?

• How can I devise the most successful marketing campaigns?

• What strategies can I utilize to broaden the company’s reach?

• How does the market’s competitive landscape look right now?

• Who is the ideal customer for my business?

Not only does Brizo allow businesses to access these insights, but the platform also assists with streamlining production, expanding operations, and leveraging innovative products and services.

The Business Intelligence feature of Brizo provides restaurants, QSRs and food manufacturers, with an array of unparalleled analytic tools. This includes engaging interactive dashboards, on-demand reports, custom business analytics, comprehensive benchmarking data and more, allowing businesses to gain an understanding of their environment in real-time. Advanced analytic capabilities are designed to assist with decisions such as which customer segments to focus on, which promotions are delivering the most sales or profit, and which constraints are affecting sales success.

Foodservice operators and manufacturers can benefit from having insightful analytical capabilities, allowing them to make better and more informed decisions quickly. With restaurateurs and operators having to make accelerated decisions on a regular basis, Brizo provides them with the tools they need to analyze important data points that can make or break their day. The analytic capabilities enable businesses to drill in to the details of what’s being bought/sold and identify unique features such as pricing trends, demographics, promotion tactics and more.

Additionally, the integration of customer data in the platform enables businesses to gain a comprehensive view of customer behavior and segmentation, proving a valuable asset for obtaining customer growth and loyalty. All of these combined features make the Brizo platform the perfect tool for understanding the foodservice market and enabling restaurants, QSRs and food manufacturers to gain a competitive edge and expand their brand.

Utilizing data-driven insights and analytics like Brizo’s platform is key for success in the foodservice market. The platform grants businesses access to customer insights such as accurate demographics and data-driven promotion tactics. By unifying the platform with the customer’s data, foodservice operators are able to make more informed decisions which gives them an edge over their competitors.