Using the Brizo Foodservice Market Analytics Platform to Make Wise Business Decisions

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Evaluating Pr Analytics Apps For Restaurants

The foodservice industry is subject to just as many ups and downs as any other, despite the fact that many in the restaurant tech sector may not be keeping close enough tabs on the market’s fluctuations. Determining which tactics are necessary for a profitable, successful restaurant business is an ever-changing process that requires up-to-date, complex data in order to make informed decisions. Thankfully, there is a comprehensive solution to these analytics problems, and it comes in the form of technological advances in the foodservice market arena. Brizo is a leader in foodservice market analytics technologies, and their Intelligent Foodservice Market Platform (IFMP) is used to measure, analyze and interpret the full spectrum of the industry’s trends. From sales and marketing analysis to product development and deeper insights into consumer behavior, Brizo helps restaurant industry professionals stay abreast of these rapidly changing circumstances to make the most informed and precise decisions for the overall success of their brands.

A comprehensive restaurant technology platform, Brizo’s IFMP offers an expansive suite of solutions. Brizo’s suite for data discovery and analysis allows users to quickly discern patterns and trends occurring in the foodservice market in both real time and historical contexts. By utilizing patent-pending algorithms and a unique system of data enrichment, Brizo’s system continually forecasts the foodservice market on a global, regional and market segment basis. This data can then be used to make more well-rounded decisions regarding the future direction of a business, helping to ensure that all outreach efforts are in line with industry changes and consumer demand.

The IFMP app provides restaurant technology providers with an industry-first, fully-integrated platform that can be used to find and analyze data on the activities of different foodservice market players, down to individual restaurants in specific regions. This information is key to developing successful sales, marketing and product strategies. Further, Brizo’s prospecting and lead building tools are invaluable for businesses looking to increase and broaden their customer base. For example, the system’s restaurant locator function allows suppliers to discover new restaurants, understand their operational and supplemental services, and connect with foodservice operators in order to expand partnerships.

In addition to the insights that can be obtained from data analysis, Brizo also offers other services, such as menu analysis, culinary trend tracking, and comprehensive restaurant technology coverage. Coupled with the insights obtained from Sales Prospecting and Market Intelligence, this kind of data can inform an entire strategy from start to finish. And when tied with the intuitive user experience of the IFMP app itself, Brizo allows restaurant technology providers to take advantage of an unprecedented amount of operational simplicity and versatility.

Therefore, Brizo is an invaluable asset for any restaurant technology provider looking to stay up to speed with the latest market trends and consumer behavior. With Brizo’s food service market insights, restaurant tech providers will be able to make more accurate decisions about which tactics to focus on and which ones to avoid. This will ultimately lead to better growth and success, allowing for higher profits and greater customer retention.