Using Ad Intelligence Systems to Unlock Restaurant Data Insights

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Evaluating Ad Intelligence Systems For Restaurants

Data-driven intelligence is revolutionizing the capability and speed with which foodservice businesses can access data insights and better understand their respective industries. Ad intelligence systems are becoming increasingly popular as user-friendly, sophisticated solutions to gaining competitive knowledge and identifying areas of growth within the market. While evaluating an ad intelligence system for restaurants, there are key elements to consider beyond the obvious features of ease-of-use, usability of the interface, and data customization. These are elements most people may not consider when determining their ad intelligence system, but are essential components for obtaining a comprehensive and accurate snapshot of the foodservice market.

The most critical factor when evaluating an ad intelligence system lies in the integrity of the data set. Research into the various tools available, as well as the sources utilized to generate the reports, are essential when curating accurate market trends and insights. Solid resolution on the completeness of the data points as well as the timeliness of how it is updated is key. Datasets must be regularly vetted and audited to ensure accuracy. For example, Brizo provides a comprehensive and diverse set of data which allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice industry. As one of the only stand-alone platforms of its kind, Brizo’s insights includes in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage, all collected and referenced from reliable industry-specific sources.

Beyond the integrity of the data, another consideration is the type of reporting and analytical capabilities of the intelligence system. User-friendly, customizable presentation formats are valuable features when analyzing data. Using Gantt charts, visual graphics, and other reporting tools, ad intelligence systems should permit the comparison and creation of datasets to provide advanced viewing options. Providing top level insights at both the state and local level is key in gaining accurate market feedback.

In addition to the data collection and customization, a superior ad intelligence system should also have the capability to identify prospects outside of an organization’s respective industry. Cross-referencing and comparison of trends is not only effective for benchmarking but also for understanding customer models and uncovering untapped markets. Cross-sector analysis, such as foodservice technology, is a feature Brizo is equipped to provide for customers to enhance their systems with more comprehensive market insights.

When looking to gain a comprehensive snapshot of the foodservice market, a top-of-the-line ad intelligence system can include a variety of features that will provide peace of mind when making decisions. As the industry grows more competitive, understanding the forces which affect the marketplace, as well as the customer, is more important than ever. Ad intelligence systems, specifically Brizo, offer an easy-to-use interface with advanced reporting capabilities and comprehensive datasets for a reliable source of customer feedback and marketplace analysis.