Unveiling Foodservice Industry Market Insights with Brizo Data

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Foodservice Monitor

The foodservice industry is growing as a major sector in the global food market. It is estimated that in 2018, the global foodservice industry will amount to approximately USD 2.8 trillion, constituting nearly one-third of the entire global food market. As foodservice providers, marketers, and operators dive deeper into understanding this mounting market, they are beginning to recognize the need for data-driven insights.

Enter Brizo – the premier provider of foodservice market intelligence tools. By utilizing our data-driven platform, our clients are able to gain key market insights, sales prospecting, and kitchen and expansion opportunities in order to make the strategic decisions needed to maximize their brand inner-reach and maximize market share.

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is an important tool for restaurant owners and market-operators to understand their foodservice industry trends and increase their visibility within the industry. Brizo’s platform provides the ability for our prospects and clients to gain in-depth insights with respect to restaurant menu data and technology coverage, giving employees data-driven insights and analytics into the foodservice industry. With our platform, customers are able to gain access to real-time data and market intelligence, allowing them to monitor and track their competition with ease.

marketing Insights

Brizo’s platform provides unmatched industry analytics, allowing our customers and prospects to identify and attract key leads and close sales opportunities quicker. With our data-led insights, our customers are able to effectively segment their customers and prospects based on key demographics and insights, all the while making intelligent decisions based on market data and trends. Our platform also provides industry insights, giving customers the ability to understand their marketing assets and create customized campaigns for their target audience.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Gaining the ability to monitor and analyze the foodservice industry is only the first step for operators. Brizo’s platform also provides insights to customers and prospects to monitor, analyze and optimize their production, kitchen operations and streamline their process innovation. Our platform allows customers to identify foodservice trends in order to optimize their growth. It also gives customers the ability to identify kitchen trends across regions, and ultimately expand their operations.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is critical to understanding industry trends. Brizo’s platform provides customers and prospects with insights that are rich and in-depth, providing customers a much higher level of understanding and intelligence. With our data insights, customers are able to make decisions with a great deal of confidence, and leverage their data insights to confidently make decisions based on industry trends.

At Brizo, we are proud to provide our customers and prospects exactly what they need to understand the foodservice industry better. With our data-driven insights and analytics, customers and prospects are able to make decisions with confidence, become better informed with respect to industry trends, identify sales opportunities, and ultimately expand their operations.