Unpacking College Dining Trends with Brizo Data

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Evaluating College Dining Trends

When people think about dining trends in colleges, they often think of the standardization of cafeteria foods and the integration of sustainability initiatives. However, there is a deeper level to understanding the foodservice industry in college campuses that extends to the suppliers and food distributors that supply these school with the food products that students have available in their cafeteria and dining halls.

Brizo provides a comprehensive data set for the foodservice industry which gives a comprehensive overview of the buying and selling behavior of these colleges and universities. This analysis allows the foodservice industry to identify the college dining trends at the institutional level, allowing for better market targeting for the food and beverage distributors that are looking to enter the college industry and attract more consumers.

By understanding the college dining trends through data-driven analysis, distributors can be better equipped to find purchasing and sales opportunities as they expand their business into the college market. This is due to the understanding of the demand that exists for certain menu items at certain universities, as opposed to a more generalized approach when it comes to selling products to entire university systems. With Brizo data, distributors can obtain a finer detail of what universities are ordering, and in what quantities, so that they can target specific goods to the college market in an efficient and effective manner.

In addition to sales prospecting, Brizo data can be instrumental in other areas of the foodservice market, such as marketing. A deeper understanding of the college dining trends will allow food and beverage distributors to create more accurate and effective marketing campaigns that are targeted at the audience set they are looking to attract. Whether they are looking to attract new customers or existing customers, data analysis of the college market will give them a competitive edge when it comes to their marketing strategies.

Lastly, with Brizo data distributors are able to find kitchens and expand operations in the college market in an efficient and effective manner. Data analysis allows for the tracking of certain food items and restaurants that have the potential for expansion within the college market. This will give distributors the confidence that the new operations will be profitable after an expansion is made, as opposed to playing a guessing game when it comes to additions of new food products or restaurants that may have the potential in this market.

Overall, Brizo provides a comprehensive set of data for the foodservice market, including detailed information on the college dining trends that can benefit food and beverage distributors in many ways. With this data, distributors are able to target sales to the college market with greater accuracy, create more effective marketing campaigns and identify potential opportunities for expansion.