Unlocking the Value of Restaurant Data Analytics with Brizo

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Restaurant Analytics Company

As food service providers and merchants strive to stay competitive and adapt to a rapidly changing market, data-led insights have become an essential part of their operations. Restaurant analytics company Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data to give a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice landscape and how to leverage data to drive growth. Whether its sales prospecting, marketing or kitchenexpansion, Brizo’s extensive data and analytics solutions will give your business the edge in the competitive foodservice market.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Brizo offers an entire suite of data-led solutions that will equip your sales team with the insights they need to identify new leads and strengthen relationships with existing partners. An exhaustive library of restaurant technology companies, complete with information on financials, customer base, flagship products and executives will allow sales reps to know precisely who they should target and how. Our live API’s allow you to stay on top of dynamic collaborations, competitive dynamics and customer sector shifts which are instrumental for crafting customized sales strategies.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Gain unique insight into how customers engage with businesses and how they interact with foodservice providers – including detailed menu information and plate-level ordering data. Leverage detailed reports to uncover customer preferences, optimize messaging, and tailor campaigns for specific companies, categories and locations. Driving foodservice marketing has never been easier.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Brizo provides a range of data and insights to streamline innovation and production – a critical component of the ultra competitive foodservice market. Our platform integrates with industry leading technology solutions to provide an all-in-one data-led solution that churns through big data for invaluable insights on kitchen optimization, personnel, staffing and pricing. Equip your team with unique insights into cost of goods sold, pricing and labor costs to give your business the resources it needs to optimize operations.

Data Enrichment

Customers use Brizo’s market analytics platform to turn ordinary operational data into valuable insights. Brizo can quickly and easily integrate with the data systems of restaurants to create a quest and complex data model. Our restaurant data integrates seamlessly with existing customer systems to provide detailed enriched information allowing customers to make decisions with confidence.

The foodservice market moves incredibly quickly – to stay competitive in this highly dynamic landscape, one must arm themselves with restaurant analytics and data-led insights. It’s time to harness the power of data science, AI and big data analytics with Brizo’s solution.