Unlocking the Power of Food Delivery Data and Restaurant Analytics

Unlocking the Power of Food Delivery Data and Restaurant Analytics

The online food delivery market continues to surge to unprecedented heights. Experts predicted in 2021 that worldwide revenues resulting from meal deliveries that year would top $151 billion. A year ago, 8 out of 10 Americans said they ordered food for home delivery, according to an article published on ComfyLiving.net.

Some people attribute that rise to pandemic-related safety issues, such as more people working from home or consumers who want to avoid crowded restaurants but don’t want to cook. Whatever the reason, this food delivery trend has restaurants scrambling to get a piece of that billion-dollar pie, with technology vendors in hot pursuit to provide the apps and online solutions that would make it possible. But it can be extremely challenging to find the right contacts in the restaurant industry.

This article explores:

Restaurant Data Analytics: A 3-Legged Stool of BI

Competitors will beat you to the coveted attention of potential restaurant clients if your team is trying to boil the ocean or getting sucked into a vortex of lengthy research. Actively monitoring restaurant online footprint and food delivery data in real-time with an easy-to-use tool can cut your teams’ research time by 50% and provide deeper insights that fuel sales and marketing efforts. 

Sales Intelligence

Sales teams often operate under the crushing weight of aggressive revenue goals while being skeptical of past bad data experiences. That pressure, coupled with insufficient information on restaurants before making a call, are big-time threats to sales. Cold prospecting is an outdated, inefficient waste of time. Having access to a solution that provides on-demand access to real-time restaurant data can help:

Marketing Intelligence

You might be missing revenue streams because you don’t understand your target audience metrics, or you don’t really know your ideal customer profile as well as you could. Market research is expensive and takes a lot of time and staffing resources. Purchasing restaurant data lists is really no shortcut because it often results in very poor quality data that is useless. However, the right solution can help your marketing team target the right restaurant sectors.

Competitive Intelligence

According to a recent article in Bloomberg, “Despite overall industry growth, the battle for customers is getting more intense because fewer of today’s diners are loyal to just one service. (Grubhub’s former CEO cited “promiscuous customers” as a hindrance to his company’s growth.) In the fourth quarter of 2019, 59 percent of Grubhub’s customers didn’t use other meal delivery services. Two years later, it’s fallen to 47 percent, as competing services woo customers with different restaurant offerings and promotional prices.” Having direct, easy access to food delivery data is an excellent way to:

Discover the Power of Robust Restaurant Analytics

When searching for food delivery data, it’s much easier to use a powerful program that scours company websites, social media, web directories, review forums, and business registries. The best way to help your sales and marketing teams build and maintain a competitive advantage is to provide quality restaurant data that includes:   

Pitch More, Prospect Less with Brizo FoodMetrics

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