Unlocking the Power of Account-Based Analytics Apps for Restaurants

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Evaluating Account Based Analytics Apps For Restaurants

Are you a franchisor looking to expand locations or increase brand reach? Are you looking to gain insights into local food trends? Or do you want to equip your sales team with data-driven insights in order to boost marketing and attract more leads? Whatever it may be, account-based analytics (ABA) apps can be a huge help when it comes to better understanding the foodservice industry.

ABA apps are tailored platforms that draw from a wide range of data and analytics from across vast networks of restaurants. They offer frustrated restaurateurs an opportunity to dive deep into the industry for keen insights that could help them succeed. Going beyond the big three of SaaS, applicant tracking and CRM, ABA apps provide a comprehensive level of information to help them navigate the industry.

From the evaluation of restaurant menus and operational structure to the identification of sales prospects and location analysis, ABA apps offer an integrated suite of features. These are particularly beneficial for franchisors who are expanding their operations and are in need of greater market insight. Here we look at why ABA apps are so valuable to businesses in the foodservice industry and what makes them stand out from other platforms.

Data Coverage

ABA apps offer broad foodservice market intelligence that can give companies a comprehensive view of their industry. For instance, companies can access restaurant menus, menu pricing, nutrition information, ingredients sources, operational structures and a variety of other details. This type of data coverage is invaluable for companies looking to make informed decisions as to where to expand their operations to, as well as observe the current competitive landscape.

Not only do ABA apps provide detailed insights into menu items, but they allow companies to gain exclusive access to restaurant tech, which is particularly advantageous when evaluating current trends. They can gain insight into the latest technology being used by restaurants, from automated kitchen management solutions to more efficient inventory tracking.

The insights offered by ABA apps can offer insights into where consumers are likely to gravitate towards when the pandemic ends and how much impact digital trends have had on changing customer dynamics. With this information, companies can identify areas in which they could expand their operations and optimize their strategy for sales prospecting.

Sales Prospecting

One of ABA apps’ most advantageous features is their ability to facilitate sales prospecting. Companies can harness the information they’ve collected to evaluate restaurants’ current sales performance, the types of guests they frequent, and their customer demographic information. This can create highly targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to guests’ preferences and motivations.

Additionally, businesses can use ABA apps to identify restaurant locations where they can leverage their own sales channels and establish market dominance. By understanding the specific locations with potential, companies can focus their sales efforts in areas that are likely to produce the fastest results.

For companies with wide-reaching trading operations, ABA apps are invaluable for discovering new markets that can be exploited and new sales opportunities. With comprehensive data coverage, businesses can begin to understand demand patterns in markets and gain greater understanding of customer preferences.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

ABA apps can also be an incredibly useful resource when it comes to streamlining the process of establishing new kitchens. With detail on restaurant operating structures, companies can identify potential areas in which to branch out that could ever expand their reach.

It’s also important to consider the logistical challenges of expanding operations. ABA apps can give businesses a thorough overview of the infrastructure in their target markets, as well as data that could help them better develop a more cost-effective operational structure.

Data Enrichment

ABA apps are a great way of enriching your existing strategy at minimal costs. With comprehensive data that can inform decisions from menu design to production innovation, companies can make well-informed decisions with confidence. ABA apps have become an increasingly important resource for businesses looking to gain better insights into their industry and deliver value to operations.

Account-based analytics apps are invaluable resources for businesses in the foodservice industry looking to take their operations to the next level. By drawing from data across the industry and leveraging unique insights, companies can get the most value out of their market intelligence efforts and gain a clear advantage in the competitive landscape.