Unlocking the Potential of the Foodservice Market Segments with Data Analysis

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Evaluating Foodservice Segments

The foodservice industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving industry that shapes the way we think of and interact with mealtime. When thinking about the foodservice market, many consider only surface level topics such as data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menus, price points, and out-of-home dining trends. Even though these topics are important, there are other dimensions that should be included for a complete foodservice category analysis. Through data analysis, gathering further insights from market segments provides key insights that can be used to expand a franchise’s operations in a new region.

Data has become an integral part of understanding any market segment, including the foodservice industry. Utilizing data-driven insights enables a franchisor to gain valuable customer intelligence, refine sales and marketing strategies, validate pricing models, and determine what is trending in the industry.

Brizo, a firm in the foodservice intelligence space, provides a comprehensive board of data to unlock the potential of the foodservice market segments more deeply. Their data can be used to glean more information from the available market dynamics, and offers an array of unique fields that are essential for effective research and prospecting. By leveraging Brizo’s extensive library of restaurant-specific data, granular insights can be discovered that can help pinpoint strategic growth opportunities for franchises.

A menu analysis is an important part of understanding the foodservice market segments. Brizo’s extensive menu data can assist franchisors in understanding pricing dynamics, flavor palettes, brand proportions, dietary initiatives, and more. Utilizing this type of data-driven insight enables restaurateurs to develop menus and design promotions that meet the customer’s current needs. Brizo also provides information on restaurant technology usage, which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a comprehensive omni-channel sales approach.

Sales prospecting in the foodservice market is essential to identify new customers and create valuable supplier partnerships. By gathering the data from Brizy, franchisors can utilize the most performant data to accurately filter and identify profitable prospects. Leveraging data-driven insights can help identify potential partners, whose products or services should be considered when adding to a franchise’s portfolio of offerings. In addition, a franchisor can ascertain who their ideal customer is, what their needs and desires are, and how best to approach them.

Data-driven insights can also be used to craft effective marketing strategies targeted at the foodservice market. Trying to attract, convert, and close leads without having a keen understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences can be a daunting task, which is why data analysis can provide franchisors invaluable insights. By utilizing the data analysis tools provided by Brizy, as well as other data sources, franchisors can tailor marketing campaigns to directly address the customer’s needs and preferences.

In addition to sales and marketing strategies, data-driven insights can also be leveraged to help a franchisor strategically expand their brand. Rather than making unfounded assumptions on the local market demographic, leveraging local market data provided by Brizy can help determine a sound approach to expanding into a new region in a cost-effective manner.

The data enrichment provided by Brizy can also be used to help increase the accuracy of your analysis and make more sound decisions. Through data enrichment, a franchisor can analyze long-standing menus, develop nutritional profiles and pinpoint consumer trends. All of these insights can be used to create deeper customer relationships, retain loyal customers, and streamline production innovation.

The wealth of data available on the foodservice market can be utilized to expand a franchise’s operations in a region and make sound decisions that can be supported by data-driven insights. By leveraging data from Brizy, franchisors can obtain valuable restaurant tech coverage and menu data, engage in deeper prospecting, create marketing strategies that target the foodservice market, and identify new opportunities for growth.