Unlocking Foodservice Market Insights with Up-to-Date Data and AI

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Trends Webinar

The foodservice market is constantly changing, and food retailers and restaurant owners require an in-depth understanding of the current trends to remain competitive. In addition to demand for higher quality food, customer preferences are also changing rapidly with the help of technological advancements. Traditional manual methods of collecting data and analyzing trends are no longer sufficient. To remain a frontrunner in the foodservice market, restaurant technology providers must stay ahead of the curve by utilizing data-driven analysis and emerging technologies.

Brizo, an AI-powered market analytics platform, has the suite of tools and data-driven insights to unlock the potential of the foodservice market. Our platform is designed to give foodservice businesses a deep understanding of the current trends in menus, cuisine, technologies, and customer preferences. This allows maintaining a competitive edge and helping to achieve success in one of the most competitive and dynamic markets.

Sales Prospecting

With the help of Brizo’s data-oriented insights and analytics tools, sales teams can easily gather the data and take action to maximize sales opportunities. Our platform offers useful features such as segmentation and automated customer segmentation functions, and advanced location-based targeting capabilities. This helps sales teams to build highly targeted deals and increase sales.


With our foodservice market insight platform, marketing teams can capitalize and drive more leads with data-driven analysis, customer segmentation capabilities, and location-based analysis. By understanding customer trends, marketing teams can optimize their campaigns for maximum performance by targeting the right audience with relevant campaigns.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Our advanced foodservice market insights platform enables restaurateurs to monitor the competitive landscape and uncover strategically important locations for their operations. Utilizing filter functions, restaurateurs can easily locate and explore the best-performing kitchen spaces and expansion opportunities. With our platform, restaurateurs can quickly streamline their production processes and expand their brand presence seamlessly.

Data Enrichment

Brizo’s platform provides data enrichment capabilities which enable users to audit their restaurant insights and assimilate their data into powerful analytics. By combining powerful data analysis, restaurant technology, and automated insights, users can easily make decisions with confidence.

The foodservice market is one of the most competitive and dynamic markets. By utilizing powerful technologies and market insights platforms, restaurant technology providers can gain a true understanding of the current trends and capitalize on the market opportunities to remain a frontrunner in the foodservice industry. With Brizo’s market analytics platform, users can easily uncover valuable insights and strategies that can lead to success in the foodservice market.