Unlocking Foodservice Market Insights with Data

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Evaluating Syndicated Data

Americans eat out an average of five times a week, making the foodservice industry a valuable target for marketers. To make the most of the foodservice industry’s potential, data-driven research needs to be conducted, enabling marketing teams to direct their efforts towards the right prospects across regions and sectors. Brizo provides comprehensive insights into the foodservice market to equip sales and marketing teams with the information they need for effective prospecting and campaigns.

Data-driven marketing and sales are becoming increasingly recognised as a crucial area of any business’s operations. Knowing who to target and where to go can make all the difference in an effective campaign and, in the foodservice market, data plays a huge role in successful marketing and sales.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Brizo offers an expansive set of data for savvy professionals to assess and understand the foodservice market. This data includes in-depth menu coverage and restaurant technology information to provide insights to ensure you make the most of every campaign. Having access to sales intelligence for foodservice markets allows you to stay informed and ahead of your competitors.

Organizing and navigating vast amounts of market data can be a challenge for teams without the right level of market expertise. With Brizo, you can tap into a highly curated market intelligence platform to enrich your sales intelligence and help inform your decisions. With proprietary algorithms designed for the foodservice market, data reduces response time for sales teams.

Data Enrichment

It is increasingly difficult to find the right resources to reach out to. With a plethora of data outlets, making sure your viewing platform is comprehensive is essential.

Instead of purchasing multiple sources of market data which are often saved in disparate locations, Brizo compiles all the necessary data into an easy-to-navigate platform. By aggregating all the sources of data, you have access to an enriched subject that reveals the who, what, where, and when of the foodservice market. This powerful data set helps you make informed decisions with confidence, and arms your sales team with a comprehensive view of their customers.

The aggregation in Brizo’s platform allows for targeted audience research and segmentation. Streamline your process and focus on the right customers, saving time and money for your business. Smash traditional segmentation targets and target customer sets you never thought of before.

Kitchen Integration & Expansion

In addition to being a useful tool for marketing teams, Brizo can also support day-to-day operations. Production kitchens, like food trucks and small restaurants, can benefit from the expansive data found in Brizo’s intelligence platform.

Brizo’s platform empowers businesses to make better decisions when expanding operations and searching for new kitchens. Use the data to understand the foodservice market at a deeper level and locate kitchens with ideal locations and best suited for their needs. With Brizo, you can also understand what your competitors are cooking up, and where they are in the market.

End thoughts

When it comes to marketing in the foodservice industry, Brizo provides an exceptional platform for decision makers. Utilize the data to stay ahead of your competition and build relationships with customers more effectively. Brizo’s platform can help your business save time and money while gaining a deeper comprehensive of the foodservice market data.