Unlocking Food Data Service with Brizo

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Food Data Service

In the age of machine learning and big data, large amounts of information must be obtained in order to gain an accurate understanding of the food service market. Brizo, the leading provider of food data services, unlocks this understanding with their expansive, diverse collection of market information and analytics. With access to a comprehensive menu of data and industry specific fields, restaurants, and tech companies are now better equipped for data-driven sales prospecting, targeted marketing, enriched systems, and more.

Sales Prospecting

Brizo’s foodservice market data is most notably used for sales prospecting. Through their insistence on accuracy and efficiency, sales teams are able to leverage the power of data to acquire more leads, better convert and close those leads, and have an easier time building revenue. Data dumps and analytics can be customized to the specific company in order to maximize results, creating more leads, better quality leads, and a smoother sales process.


The most powerful marketing strategy is the one backed in data. With so much oversaturated noise in the market, companies are making the push to put out only the most relevant material that will resonate with customers. Brizo provides a powerful avenue for marketers to conduct research, psychographics, and demographic targeting. Using richer data sets, businesses are more likely to prioritize their target industries and develop a strategic marketing approach that will land big.

Finding Kitchens and Expanding Operations

The food service industry is massive and ever-evolving. Companies need to be consistently finding ways to innovate their production process, build capacity and expand their brand. Brizo’s expansive data coverage can be a great avenue to achieve this quickly and accurately. Restaurant industry users can easily access information related to food service purchases, store locations, menu offerings and more.

Data Enrichment

Finally, the data collected by Brizo allows for secure data enrichment. This means that users can leverage the intelligence to identify gaps in their systems, develop more accurate decision-making and be equipped with higher levels of customer and product detail. Having access to this data and with the right modeling techniques, companies in the foodservice industry can gain forward-looking insights for a more complex, comprehensive business view.

At Brizo, data fuels our everyday decisions. Not only does this methodology save money, but it also reduces biases and facilitates accurate market understanding. With the right path towards data driven insights, the food service world is sure to be respond well to being properly informed.