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Evaluating Alcohol Market Research Company

Whether you’re part of an independent restaurant or a multi-national chain, one thing remains the same: choosing the right market intelligence platform is the only way to remain competitive. But what does ‘right’ mean exactly? What should you have in mind when selecting a platform to utilize for market insight? Well, there’s a lot to consider and below we’ll discuss the most important pointers with regards to evaluating a market research company not typically considered.

Market research companies collect and analyze data from a variety of sources: regular surveys, interviews, focus groups, and more. However, many organizations don’t realize that the data gathered must have context to be truly effective and reliable. This is something that companies typically overlook when assessing a research platform. For example, if the data is used to evaluate consumer marketing trends, but the insights lack contextualization about the industry, the insights remain theoretical and limited in value.

Brizo stands out by providing a holistic approach to market analysis, garnering insights from restaurant tech trends, customer surveys, menu data, regional data, and more. Our comprehensive approach eliminates the guesswork and provides our customers with an expansive board of detailed, diverse data.

First, our deep menu data and restaurant tech insights help our customers in recognizing changing trends and customer behaviors in the foodservice market. Knowing what dishes are trendiest in key locations or time of year provides market research companies the pertinent information needed to utilize a tailored approach in strategic efforts. As well, these insights helps customer identify common problems, likes/dislikes, and opportunities to better serve customers.

Second, our market research platform is also used to streamline production innovation and expand brands. Implementing insight from our platform helps minimize misstep and determines ideal production locations. But, more importantly, our platform allows our customers to capitalize on restaurant tech trends such as customer feedback platforms to adjust operations and attract more customers.

Finally, our platform helps in sales and marketing efforts. By providing data-driven insights, companies are well-equipped with the necessary insights to target the right customers with the right message. It gives marketers the power of getting to know possible targets, and allows sales reps to turn prospects into customers faster and more efficiently. Additionally, as we provide the data in a comprehensive, comprehensible format, it allows companies to seamlessly integrate our insights into their existing systems and make better decisions.

At Brizo, our platform builds upon our customers existing efforts, allowing for more targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market. We make sure that our customers are able to capitalize on the relevant insights gathered without the fear of missing the mark. Our data goes beyond the basics of menu items and customer demographic – it’s industry insights that provides the level of understanding and depth our customers need to make well-informed decisions.