Unlock Restaurant Technology Market Intelligence with Brizo

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Restaurant Customer Data Platform Tool

At Brizo, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality data market intelligence to support powerful decision-making and strategic expansion. Unlock the potential of your foodservice business with our comprehensive industry insights, sales prospecting, marketing campaigns, production innovations, and data enrichment platforms.

As the reliance on data increases in the restaurant industry, staying informed and ahead of the competition is paramount. With Brizo, not only will you have access to the latest market insights, but you will also be empowered with actionable information that you can use to support every area of your business.

Our comprehensive data platform helps restaurant technology providers more effectively understand the foodservice market and quickly identify opportunities. Our robust set of tools for menu research, tech coverage, sales prospecting, and competitive intelligence helps suppliers and merchants get the insight needed to succeed in a highly competitive market.

Sales Prospecting

Brizo provides the insights necessary to help sales teams make more educated decisions. With our comprehensive data platform, you can search millions of restaurant menus to build a more accurate snapshot of each market and uncover new sales opportunities. Our unique data fields provide deeper industry understanding and help sales teams quickly find leads for more targeted prospecting.


With Brizo, you can leverage our vast market research data to increase the reach and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Whether targeting a specific market or expanding to new locations, our platform can help you make more informed decisions and ensure your message reaches the right audience. With actionable insights, you can optimize your campaigns and create highly targeted messaging.

Kitchen & Production Innovation

By utilizing our database of restaurant analytics, you can quickly and easily streamline production innovation and strategically expand your brand. Our sleek data platform enables you to identify emerging food trends and see where your competitors are operating to make the most calculated decisions.

Data Enrichment

Make your systems more comprehensive and take the guesswork out of decision-making with Brizo’s deep industry insights and data enrichment platform. With our platform, you can access the most actionable data points and equip your team with the in-depth information they need to confidently make decisions and drive sales.

Brizo provides a powerful and comprehensive platform to help restaurant technology providers make the most informed decisions and master the foodservice market. Our unique data fields and advanced analytics give suppliers and merchants the insight needed to take their business to the next level. Unlock the potential of your foodservice business today and experience the Brizo difference.