Unlock Restaurant Market Intelligence with Brizo

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Market Intelligence Apps For Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a fiercely competitive and ever-evolving market, which makes Michelin-starred success almost impossible without access to expert intelligence. For franchise businesses and restaurateurs, being able to understand and stay on top of market trends, consumer tastes and even opportunities to expand, requires an in-depth understanding of the industry. Brizo is a platform that provides that intelligence to help you unlock new pathways to success in the foodservice market.

At Brizo, we provide data-driven insights and analytics to equip sales teams and drive marketing to the foodservice market and to enhance decision making with industry intelligence and data. We have gained the trust of many of the biggest names in the foodservice industry, major restaurant chains as well as single-location operators, and we have seen firsthand how our data has helped them gain an edge in the competitive market.

Using our platform, franchise owners can gain a better understanding of the foodservice industry to find kitchen locations and expand their operations. With a comprehensive set of data points generated from a range of sources, franchise owners can make more informed decisions when branching out to new locations or when researching new areas for organic growth. Our data fields provide insight into menu items, restaurant tech, access to pre-screened customer prospects as well as a range of other market opportunities.

Operators looking to stay ahead of the curve without losing precious time also have access to key information about the most competitive markets, such as local demographics, industry trends and restaurant related news. You can stay in the know of what is happening in the restaurant industry all in one easy-to-use platform without having to spend considerable resources searching for data.

With Brizo, you can get very granular with your data, allowing for customised analysis and reporting. You can focus on specific geographic locations or narrow down to markets and menu item trends. Furthermore, with our help you can take a deep dive into cost analysis and data enrichment to create better processes for decision making, budgeting and growth opportunities.

For restaurateurs, franchise owners and other foodservice industry experts, Brizo has the market intelligence you need to stay informed and empowered. With data-driven decision making, you can get ahead of the competition, reach more prospects, and create more value for your business.