Unlocking Foodservice Market Intelligence with Pre-Built Market Solutions

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Market Intelligence Systems For Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a claimant of success in the economy, with revenues increasing each year in the United States and around the world. data-driven insights into the foodservice market can be obtained to understand consumer trends, target prospects, and track the competition. But with the always-evolving services and restaurant technology, where should providers aim their focus? Brizo provides pre-built market solutions that provide comprehensive information for the foodservice industry.

Understanding the foodservice market means making the right decisions and identifying opportunities. Brizo lets businesses achieve these feat with multiple sources of data to give them the competitive edge. Our platform includes insights on in-depth menu data, restaurant technology coverage, sales prospecting, marketing, and kitchen expansion strategies. All of this is made possible with the power of data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics.

Sales Prospecting

In an ever-expanding and competitive restaurant industry, sales prospects are the main factor for both capturing new customers and retaining existing ones. With Brizo’s sales intelligence, companies can research their competition with speed and accuracy. Our platform leverages multiple data points to inform businesses about the current market landscape in order to make informed decisions. This approach allows for the best ability to target key prospects and convert them to customers. Companies can easily access sales intelligence through the platform with predictive analytics and rankings.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Research is essential to developing a successful marketing strategy, especially for the foodservice industry. With Brizo, businesses can gain insight and intelligence into the foodservice market, allowing them to assess true marketing ROI. Our platform is designed to provide real-time market insights about consumer behavior, interests, and preferences. Companies can use this insight to create attractive campaigns and to target their audience.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

The foodservice industry also benefits from kitchen optimization strategies. Companies can utilize data enrichment to find the most suitable kitchen locations, as well as open new franchises and expand their business. With Brizo’s market insights, they can review restaurant technology trends in the foodservice market, as well as discover key partnership opportunities. Through data driven analytics, companies can make informed production decisions.

Data Enrichment & Market Analysis

Brizo gives businesses the ability to make informed decisions with deeper market insights. Our data fields are specific to the foodservice industry, with multiple sources to enrich the data. Companies can easily access a comprehensive and diverse set of data points to compare competitors, locate new sales prospects, and analyze their competition. With more accurate data, companies can build better strategies that will help increase their ROI for the food service industry.