Unlock Local Foodservice Insights with Brizo’s Comprehensive Foodservice Market Analytics Platform

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Evaluating Online Beverage Delivery Trends

In the food service and manufacturing industry, rapidly shifting tastes, technologies, and consumer needs can make it extremely difficult for data providers to stay ahead of the markets and stay profitable in a now highly competitive space. With dedicated analytics and market intelligence, however, providers can incorporate up-to-date insights within their decision-making process to strengthen visibility and gain a competitive edge. Enter Brizo, the data-driven platform that’s providing all the local intel needed on foodservice market trends, performance, and growth in an easy-to-use package.

Brizo is an established analytics platform dedicated to the food service and manufacturing industry, offering unparalleled access to local food market insights. Companies of all sizes and areas of specialization are taking advantage of Brizo’s advanced data analytics to make informed decisions in all aspects of their operations, from sales to marketing to production and more. Plus, with Brizo’s streamlined data enrichment, customers can ensure their technology-driven systems are taking into account the most comprehensive local foodservice data.

What exactly can customers take advantage of when they partner with Brizo? The analytics platform offers several tools and areas of focus, all designed to help customers target their operations and stay informed of algorithm and trend changes.


Harness the power of data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics with Brizo’s intuitive analytics platform to streamline research and achieve access to target markets faster. With the sales intelligence provided by Brizo, customers can craft more effective sales processes and close more efficient deals, earning higher returns in the process.


Understanding food service market trends and developing effective marketing strategies on those trends can be overwhelming. Brizo’s data-driven insights have the power to streamline that process and target campaigns towards the most responsive markets. With beautifully presented market intelligence reports and easy-to-digest visuals, any customer can outfit their marketing strategists and executives with the best possible set of resources.

Expand Operations

Brizo also offers several services that are designed to let customers plan, expand, and innovate with ease. With the platform’s powerful insights, customers can make strategic decisions tailored to their specific needs and cater towards the ideal customer bases. Plus, with Brizo, customers can access the most precise information to reduce risk and incorporate data-driven insight into all new operations initiatives.

The food service industry has been significantly impacted by the emergence of consumer-driven technologies. Online food delivery, digital ordering, and drive-thrus are now essential operations components, and restaurant technology providers must take advantage of the power of data to ensure that their services are up to date with the latest trends and mobility offerings. With Brizo, customers can access next-level local foodservice market insights and scale their operations and marketing efforts with the latest in data-driven decision making.