Data-Driven Insights for Propelling Your Food and Restaurant Business Forward

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In today’s digitally empowered market, foodservice professionals must foster strategic partnerships and monitor industry trends to remain competitive. To support such endeavors, a data-driven approach to restaurant technology is essential for understanding the foodservice market in its entirety.

At Brizo, we provide a board and diverse set of data to give deeper foodservice market insights and analysis. Our unique data fields specific to the food service industry, which helps to provide in-depth men data and restaurant tech coverage, can be used to support every area of your business and propel it forward.

Our data can help to equip your sales team with data-driven insights and analytics. It has the power to uncover customer trends, enable targeted marketing campaigns, and optimize production to expand your growth beyond the reaches of your current market.

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting – or gathering information about prospective customers and contacts, as well as their needs – is arguably one of the most essential elements of foodservice industry. Brizo’s data-driven insights can help to refine your research, reduce your need for time-consuming lead acquisition on your own, and maximize the effectiveness by combining intelligence and competitive analysis.


Consumer segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns are crucial to success in the food service industry. Data can be used to identify consumer needs, evaluate changes in buying behaviour, and uncover opportunities for growth. Furthermore, the insights derived from Brizo’s detailed market data can significantly improve efficiency in reaching potential customers and closing more leads.

Kitchens & Expansion

Data-driven kitchen and expansion strategies can facilitate optimal growth and increase profitability. Through the technology platform offered by Brizo, food service businesses can gain better insights into current trends and competitor analysis, helping guide production, scalability, and cost management decisions.

Data Enrichment

As new innovations within the foodservice market are developed, customers are becoming more demanding, and the need to keep up is essential. Brizo’s data enrichment capabilities allow you to gain robust market insights as to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

Key point

The food and restaurant industry is built on relationships, insights, and data. To keep up with the changing market, foodservice professionals must stay ahead of the curve and optimize their sales, marketing, and kitchen strategies. Through Brizo’s foodservice market intelligence platform, industry professionals can leverage the power of data-driven insights to gain a competitive edge and maximize their profits.