Unlock Foodservice Market Insights for Franchises

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Evaluating C-Store Insights

Leveraging advanced analytics to gain meaningful insight into foodservice markets is an important part of the success of any franchise. As companies look to expand their operations, understanding the nuances of the local food industry helps to inform strategy and create an edge over competitors.

data collected on restaurant menus, locations, and industry trends can be used to improve sales performance, devise marketing plans, and identify prime locations. Through the use of specialised data gathering systems, franchises are able to leverage pertinent intelligence on the foodservice market, providing them with the resources to make confident decisions with a greater understanding of their commercial environment.

Brizo provides a broad range of data sets to aid foodservice market research. Categories of insights include details about menus and pricing, technology coverage, analysis of customer demographics, and data about restaurant trends. With a greater appreciation of the broader market environment, franchises are in a better position to optimise their operations.

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is the first step towards driving growth in franchises. Knowing the right prospects and how to win their business is now easier than ever with food industry data. By gaining an understanding of restaurant menus, pricing and product offerings, franchises can quickly select those with the highest potential for business. Brizo data can also provide information on the tendencies of preferred customer lists, enabling franchises to engage the most relevant prospects.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

With a holistic view of the foodservice market, franchises can devise a thoughtful strategy for marketing their offering. Data from Brizo assists in creating highly targeted campaigns which have a greater chance of success. Knowing the type of customers that frequent certain types of restaurants, and the associated budget constraints, allows franchises to tailor offers specifically for their audience.

From running discount campaigns to verifying customer behaviour patterns, data-driven insights provide businesses with a greater assurance of success.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

With data driven insights, franchises are able to streamline production innovation and strategically expand their brand using foodservice market intelligence. By collecting information on which types of kitchens are available, franchises can quickly identify the right kind of environment for their business. Whether it’s a bistro, a fast-food chain, or a full-service restaurant, franchises are in a much better position to strategically expand while being closely informed about the local market.

Data Enrichment

By enriching their systems with greater market insights, franchises can make confident decisions about their operations. Real-time data brings new layers of understanding for scouting out the competition to strategic expansion planning. Different analytics such as spend rates per customer, online search terms, and average order times provide invaluable insights to decision-makers, whose decisions help drive the growth of their business.


Franchises succeed when they understand the competitive foodservice landscape and can make informed decisions about their strategy. With Brizo’s data sets, they gain new perspectives about customers, market trends, and possible locations. Armed with this data, they are in a better position to grow and expand their operations.