Unlock Foodservice Insights with Brizo

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Restaurant Insights

The foodservice market is becoming increasingly competitive and costly for suppliers, restaurants and eaters alike. With the rapid development of restaurant tech, understanding the data behind the industry is becoming increasingly important for success. Brizo is here to provide essential insights that’ll help businesses make critical decisions with data-driven confidence.

For Suppliers

Brizo’s sales intelligence and competitive intelligence platforms can provide in-depth foodservice market analytics, giving suppliers the ability to identify, prioritize and convert leads. Our prospecting and sales insights can help businesses identify high potential prospects quickly and easily.

Along with prospecting capabilities, our data-driven insights will help suppliers determine market trends to influence their own positioning and revenue growth. With comprehensive insights into competitors and customers, suppliers can better understand the entire market, allowing them to better target their specific needs.

For Restaurateurs

Brizo can assist restaurants with marketing insights to help identify and reach new customers and leads. Our insights and analytics can provide detailed analysis of demographics, regional trends and behaviors to identify opportunities across the entire foodservice industry.

Additionally, our insights can allow restaurant marketers to target potential customers based on desired attributes. Whether you’re looking to target the health-minded or vegans, our data can help restaurants reach the right audiences and maximize ROI for their marketing initiatives.

Menu item analysis is also an important tool for restaurant owners. With detailed in-depth analysis, restaurants can more accurately measure appetites for varied items, seasonally and regionally, to inform their own recipes and style.

For Kitchens & Innovators

Brizo provides data enrichment that goes beyond typical menu data and basic analysis. With the ability to target and monitor regional trends, restaurateurs and manufacturers alike can carefully analyze ingredients, recipes and dishes to maximize production efficiency and identify future opportunities in the foodservice industry.

What’s more, our data analysis capabilities can help innovative companies find the right kitchen. From existing production situations to optimal locations for new operations, Brizo’s intelligence can help guide strategic growth and ensure success.

Concluding remarks

Brizo has positioned itself as the industry leader in the data-driven restaurant technology space. Our comprehensive insights allow for deep exploration of the foodservice industry, arming businesses with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and positioning them for future growth. With in-depth menu data, sales intelligence and marketing insights, Brizo is the gold standard for uncovering industry trends.