Understanding the Latest Food Trends for 2023

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Food Trends For 2023

With 2023 quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to consider upcoming food trends. For owners and franchisees in the foodservice industry, understanding the up-to-date food trends is especially key for future success. By investing time to analyze the data and insights frequently available through sources like Brizo, franchisees can leverage it to the fullest potential to drive increased ROI.

According to the National Restaurant Association, understanding current and future food trends in the market can be beneficial for several reasons. It can help inform menu innovation, identify opportunities for new products, and generate higher profits through customer retention. Additionally, understanding the current food trends can help an individual or a business build data-driven customer segmentation which can be used to target and market to customers more successfully.

That being said, for franchisees trying to make an impact in the foodservice industry, having a keen understanding of local food trends is a must. Understanding eco-friendly foodie trends, diverse flavours, and fresh ingredients, can help franchise owners to craft an alluring menu for their customers. With Brizo, franchisors everywhere can select from a diverse set of data that can provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis that will benefit their business.

Here, we provide a breakdown of some of the most frequently asked questions around upcoming food trends for the year 2023.

What are some upcoming food trends for 2023?

Food trends are constantly changing from one year to the next. However, some of the most popular upcoming food trends for 2023 include plant-based proteins, fresh, healthy ingredients, and mindful eating. Additionally, eco-friendly food options are becoming increasingly popular, with many consumers wanting to eat in a more responsible way.

Plant-based proteins are becoming more common in restaurant menus, with the use of many meat alternatives – such as seitan, tofu, and tempeh becoming more evident in items like burgers, tacos, and other sandwiches. Consumers are increasingly inclined to opt for these protein sources which are not only healthy, but also more environmentally conscious.

More and more health-conscious consumers are becoming concerned with mindful eating and wellness. There has been an inclination towards complete meals that contain a balance of plants, proteins, and carbs. Additionally, sources of protein like tempeh and seitan are being increasingly used in all-vegetable options – such as bowls and wraps.

Fresh, healthy ingredients are now highly sought after by consumers. Whether the meals are plant-based or not, fresh ingredients carried a greater focus and importance than ever before. This signals the awareness that good health is not necessarily synonymous to vegetarianism.

Which flavours will be popular in 2023?

The flavours that are the most popular in 2023 are those from North and South American countries, individually and fused together. With this flavor dialect consumers have the opportunity to experience Latin inspired products like Arepas which is a delicious flatbread made with cornflour and filled with items such as cheese, roasted halloumi, grilled vegetables, and much more.

Additionally, exotic flavors like Turkish inspired Flatbreads, Moroccan inspired Tangines, and Kurdish inspired Tabbouleh salads will all make their debut on restaurant menus.

Restaurants are beginning to experiment more and more with fusion cuisines as well. The general population continues to become more ethnically diverse and consumers are now accustomed to the extreme breadth of flavors that the diverse kitchen offers. We can now expect to see traditional dishes being given a makeover with twists inspired by a variety of cultural roots.

What ‘tech’ options are in foodservice?

As technology continues to advance, the restaurant industry is no exception. There is a wider range of options now available to restaurateurs with the aide of technology. The main options available are in online ordering, contactless delivery, and robotics.

Online ordering has become incredibly popular in recent years, with almost all restaurants offering the option now. Additionally, contactless delivery has been on the rise, with more and more people opting for delivery over dining in – this has been an especially noticeable trend during the pandemic. To advance this method, robots and automated systems have begun to be employed at a greater rate.

The adoption of AI systems for human-like conversations and digital menu experiences has aided a great deal in automation. Additionally, robotic bartenders, robotic waiters, and other forms of automation have become commonplace in the restaurant industry – this is likely to become even more widespread in 2023.

Which innovative food products should I research, if I want to hit the top-trending items for 2023?

There is no denying that creativity is taking the steering wheel when it comes to food industry trends in 2023. For the past year, restaurants have had to become especially creative due to a decrease in the dining experience, with many staying open or starting to offer delivery only. With this in mind, it may not come as a surprise to find that some of the most innovative food products in the market are centered around this.

Bright and colorful bowl dishes, complete meals with its own juicery bottles, make-your-own snack boxes, and dessert jars are just some of the many examples of the more popular food products that are currently dominating the market.

These options provide customers with an immersive experience that they can enjoy without leaving their four walls. Furthermore, these products haven proven to be reliable and cost effective – ensuring customers always have something they can count on.

This is not to mention the potential of fermented food items, which have recently experienced a surge of interest. Using innovative approaches to fermentation cuisine, restaurants can capitalize on the rising interest.

Are there any sustainability initiatives that I should consider for 2023 food trends?

Absolutely. Now, more than ever, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact. Now is the perfect opportunity for franchises and restaurateurs to get ahead of the game and to focus on sustainability initiatives.

The most popular sustainability initiatives that are emerging include reducing single-use plastics, using renewable energy sources, encouraging composting, introducing plant-based packaging, and switching from wooden to bamboo utensils.

Ultimately, sustainability initiatives are essential for any restaurateur or franchise in order to make sure that they are meeting customer expectations. Customers are increasingly expecting restaurants and franchises to take on the responsibility of protecting the environment and promoting a greener lifestyle.