Understanding Local Foodservice Trends with Data-Driven Research

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Evaluating Bakery Dessert Trends

When franchise owners look to expand their locations, often they concentrate on the customer experience, selecting the right layout and technology to optimize service. But a crucial factor in growing a franchise successfully is understanding the local food trends in the area. Spotting recurring dishes, encouraging data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menu items, or popular flavors, can give a franchise owner the edge to tailor their offerings for local customers. But most franchise owners don’t know enough about the local food service market to make data-driven decisions. This where data intelligence can help.

At Brizo, we have a suite of data tools to conduct comprehensive food service market analysis. Our data can provide restaurant tech coverage and give insights on menu items and popular flavors, so you can effectively research the local market. By engaging in data-led industry analysis, you can better understand the food market in your target area and use this knowledge to inform your operational decisions.

Gaining a complete understanding of the local food market can help you target market opportunities and position yourself in the competitive landscape. It can tell you which flavors or dishes are popular to grow your local business or attract new customers. Our data can provide you with comprehensive information to explore potential locations, develop marketing strategies for different customers, and even refine your menu-engineering.

We also have a smart sales prospecting tool available that can support your sales team to track detailed data. With this tool, you can quickly identify target prospects, allowing you to gain an understanding of customer needs and get your menu in front of them. It gives a comprehensive view of customer motives in the food service market, so you can tailor your strategies to optimize market penetration.

Data-enrichment also allows for better decision making. Enhancing your systems with more comprehensive market insights can help you to understand the market better, as well as aid you in making more informed decisions. Our data gives detailed information on menu items, allowing you to better and strategically expand your business. This information can be used across all your locations, so you can harmonize innovation across your franchises.

Our data helps provide in-depth market insights so you can easily understand the local foodservice trends. With the necessary data and analytics, franchise owners can make data-driven decisions and move confidently in the local market.