Understanding Food Trends to Improve Your Foodservice Prospecting

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Evaluating At Home Food Trends

With most businesses now turning to the fast-paced, digitised world, the focus of food service and restaurant companies has shifted to creating valuable services for customers who are increasingly more discerning, savvy, and tech savvy. Therefore, today’s restaurant technology providers realise the need to go beyond traditional market methods to understand and analyse uptrends in the food business torealise the importance of data-driven decisions.

Food data intelligence helps to identify key market changes and create a better understanding of restaurant customers. This helps restaurant technology providers to prospect in the foodservice market through more informed, accurate and strategic planning. Additionally, the insights are able to better target potential new customers and identify sales opportunities that can yield greater success rates. With the help of data-driven insights and analytics, restaurant technology providers are able to open up the market and generate an effective targeting approach.

Brizo provides an advanced board of enriched and diverse data for deeper insights in the food service industry. With the help of such deep analytics, an array of unique data fields are available to precise research and culinary prospecting. The main purpose of Brizo is to help organisations gain the necessary insight to be ahead of the competition. Apart from analysing the latest trends, the data collected by Brizo is helpful in assessing and predicting customer loyalty, menu changes, retention, staffing, operational costs, and menu items that drive profits. Brizo can thus be a great asset for sales team, providing them with data-driven market insights to leverage while planning for customer growth.

Apart from sales, catering and restaurant tech providers can also take advantage of the data to improve marketing efforts. By understanding the granularities of the market, catering and restaurant companies can customise communications and marketing collateral for their target audience. Such improvements in marketing will ultimately have direct impacts on driving sales and profits. With the help of such data, companies can make more accurate decisions on the markets that need to be entered, ad targeting, promotional campaigns, and much more.

Data and insights become even more important in emerging markets like cloud kitchens. With the rise of the food delivery services model that has been further fuelled by the pandemic, cloud kitchens have become an increasingly popular trend. Data gathered by Brizo can help restaurant technology providers predict success of starting or expanding operations in locations and on-demand services. It can also help to optimise menu options according to different markets – menu items that do well in one restaurant or market may not be necessarily successful in others.

Finally, Brizo can help to enrich the company’s in-house systems to make more confident decisions. Using the insights provided by Brizo, companies can generate in-depth reports on the industry, restaurant customer segmentation, and menu analysis. Companies can also analyse the pricing models of different players in the market and configure it with their in-house data.

In today’s digital age, restaurants and catering companies must have a sound understanding of the food trends across different regions and sectors. It is now an essential part of decision-making for success. Brizo provides the necessary data enrichment and insights fuel for better knowledge and prospecting in the foodservice market.