Understanding Dining Out Trends for Expansion

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Dining Out Trends

The food industry continues to evolve and expand all around the world, and in particular in the United States. As franchisors look to expand their locations, it’s essential to understand the trends and changes in the foodservice market. With the help of data and insights from Brizo, as well as other sources, franchisors can make the most informed decisions when it comes to expansion.

What is the current market state?

A recent survey found that the majority of restaurant-goers prefer to dine out compared to cooking at home. Similarly, a PWC study found that 52 percent of customers still prefer to dine out even though they have more options to order online or cook at home. This reinforces the importance of understanding the dining out trends in the United States, as this could lead to increased success for franchisees.

What are the valuable insights?

There are numerous valuable insights about the restaurant industry to consider when trying to understand trends. Foodservice market intelligence, such as menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and data enrichment from Brizo can provide franchisees with unique data fields that can help to make more targeted decisions. Additionally, trends can be seen in the areas of customer preferences, restaurant locations, pricing, and even hours of operation. Understanding these trends can help to determine which locations offer the most potential for expansion.

What restaurants and types of food are in demand?

Fast casual restaurants are one of the most popular restaurant types in the United States due to their convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Additionally, customers are increasingly looking for healthier options at restaurants, including options for vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as plants-based dishes. The need for convenience has also popularized delivery services, such as DoorDash or Postmates, which offer customers the ability to order their favorite dishes from almost any location.

What technologies and methods are used?

Restaurants are increasingly utilizing technology to offer their customers a better experience. Many restaurants offer online ordering and delivery options, as well as digital payment methods. Additionally, many restaurants utilize mobile apps to make ordering easier and to communicate with customers. Technologies such as AI and sensors are also being used for automated functions, such as ordering and cooking meals.

What drives customer satisfaction?

Studies have found that customers are most satisfied by restaurants when the food is fresh, the service is friendly, and the overall experience positive. Additionally, cleanliness and food safety are key aspects for customer satisfaction. Understanding what customers want and expect from restaurants can provide the most accurate data on the trends in the foodservice market.


The foodservice market is constantly changing, and this means that it is essential for franchisees to understand and be aware of the trends in the industry in order to make the best decisions for expansion. With the help of data and insights from Brizo and other sources, franchisees can become more informed and make the most informed decisions when it comes to expanding their business.