Understanding and Evaluating Custom Food Service Trends with Brizo

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Custom Sales Trend Database

Gaining a better understanding of the food service market and its accompanying trends is essential for any franchisor looking to expand locations and drive success in the industry. Brizo provides a comprehensive set of data-driven insights and analytics that enable franchisees to make informed decisions about sales prospecting, marketing tactics, and how to most effectively build out and grow their operations. By utilizing Brizo’s menu data and restaurant tech coverage, brands and franchisees alike can gain a more in-depth and granular look into the foodservice market, one that is key for earning an edge over the competition.

Sales Prospecting

When it comes to sales, the key to success is understanding who to target. To that end, Brizo’s data-rich insights provide everything a franchisee needs to determine the ideal prospects for their operations, such as how many potential clients in a given area are currently utilizing their services or how they compare to competitors when it comes to marketing metrics and creative assets. Knowing who to target and understanding their behavior is critical for putting a successful sales strategy into place.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

The foodservice market is incredibly competitive and brands must be able to stand out in order to attract, convert and close more leads. Utilizing data-led industry insights, such as menu differences and key customer-facing elements, is essential to success. By understanding what potential customers are looking for and the tactics used by competitors can give critical information on how to target new leads – and potential customers – in the most effective ways.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

With insights into licensing and health code compliance to collaborations and partnerships as well as industrial production capacity, Brizo provides the data franchisors and franchisees need to streamline operations and make the most out of production innovations. This information allows brands to strategically expand their presence in the foodservice market, gain new customers, and increase their profitability.

Data Enrichment

By blending qualitative and quantitative research, increasing their depth of information and aspects into their datasets, and utilizing product-level analysis, Brizo is able to provide users with an in-depth and comprehensive look at the foodservice market. With that sort of clarity and understanding, franchisees can make more intelligent and clear-cut decisions regarding their operations, leading to better success over the long term.