A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Account Based Analytics Apps for Restaurants

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Account Based Analytics Apps For Restaurants

The restaurant industry is always changing. One need only look at the recent increase of food delivery services and the pandemic-induced decline of restaurant customers to appreciate this fact. As such, it is vital that restaurant owners, operators, and other stakeholders have access to reliable and informative data in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

For those looking to gain a competitive edge, Brizo – an account-based analytics platform – may be the answer. This comprehensive platform offers a board and diverse set of data to help restaurant owners gain a deeper understanding of the foodservice market. With comprehensive menu and restaurant technology coverage, Brizo can help predictive analytics tools and sales teams gain the insights they need to better understand the industry, and make decisions that will give their business an edge. In this article, we provide an overview of how Brizo’s account-based analytics platform can help restaurants understand, evaluate, and maximize their competitive edge.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Brizo’s account-based analytics platform allows predictive analytics tools to accurately identify potential customers, refine marketing strategies, and uncover insights into how a restaurant’s target customers prefer to purchase food. With Brizo, foodservice sales teams can generate qualified leads, segment customer audiences, and develop targeted campaigns that resonate with the desired customer base.

Next, Brizo’s customer behaviour analysis allows predictive analytics tools to access purchasing patterns, including information on how customers choose from a restaurant’s menu. This detailed information can help restaurant owners understand which ingredients, dishes, and drinks are resonating with customers and adjust their menus accordingly.

Finally, Brizo offers market segmentation insights that help teams understand customer behaviour on a deeper level. This includes detailed trends and markets analyses that help restaurants to better target their customers and tune their strategies for maximum success.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Brizo’s account-based analytics platform provides unique insights into the foodservice market that can help optimize marketing campaigns. With detailed customer segmentation data and an understanding of individual behaviour, teams can create more effective content and campaigns that speak directly to the needs of the target audience, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Brizo also allows predictive analytics tools to better understand customer preferences. This helps when it comes to understanding the optimal placement, timing, and messaging of marketing campaigns. In addition, Brizo helps inform restaurant owners about their customers’ platform preferences, so they can be sure they’re reaching them on the platforms they use most.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

With a better understanding of the foodservice market, Brizo can streamline production innovation and help restaurants strategically expand their brands. For example, Brizo can help teams identify optimal locations for new restaurants and/or kitchens. This is possible by understanding customer behaviour in relation to locally-sourced ingredients, markets, and restaurants.

Additionally, Brizo provides data-driven insights on consumer trends and menu items that can help ensure that restaurants never fall behind industry trends. With Brizo, sales and marketing teams can quickly adjust their strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Data Enrichment

Finally, the account-based analytics platform provided by Brizo allows restaurants to further enhance their systems with more comprehensive data-driven industry insights. Brizo offers detailed comparison benchmarks and key performance metrics that can be used to measure a restaurant’s performance compared to the competition.

Brizo also includes detailed menu and customer segmentation insights that can help restaurants make better, data-informed decisions. This can help teams easily identify trends and put them into action quickly, giving restaurants the agility they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment.